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Mayıs 2002 KPDS'nin Soru ve Cevaplarının Bir Kısmı

Haber Tarihi : 15 Nisan 2003 00:00

Aşağıda 5 Mayıs 2002 tarihinde yapılan KPDS Sınavının 1-31 arasındaki soruları ve cevapları bulunmaktadır. sitesinin Bir Soru Bankası bölümü oluşturmasında emeği geçen herkese teşekkür ediyoruz. Sitemizin Soru Bankası bölümüne katkıda bulunmak isteyenler ellerindeki soruları adresine göndererek sitemize katkıda bulunabilirler.
(presented by The LORD)

1. Now that formal __________ has been given by the government, the project team can be recruited.
a) reference
c) approval
Doğru cevap: C

2. Certain new findings suggest that young calvas may be more __________ than older cows to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
a) relactant
b) hazardous
c) intimate
d) succeptable
e) relative
Doğru cevap: D

3. Champions of the green movement regard the internal combustion machines as one of the biggest __________ in history.
a) disasters
b) rejections
c) admissions
d) denials
e) illusions
Doğru cevap: A

4. The distinction between a language and a dialect is a __________ difficult one.
a) precisely
b) notoriously
c) compulsively
d) suitably
e) flexibly
Doğru cevap: A

5. Japan is often __________ as an example of a country that has managed to keep its national defence orientated industries entirely separate from foreign-owned companies.
Doğru cevap: cited

6. The general feeling in the court was that several of the witnesses were __________ information that could have a direct bearing upon the case.
a) expressing
b) witholding
c) avoiding
d) disrupting
e) declining
Doğru cevap: B

7. The population of the underdeveloped contries is growing so fast that the agricultural activities there are unable to __________ the progresively rising demand for food.

a) keep up with
b) make sure of
c) look out for
d) bring up
e) sort out
Doğru cevap: A

8. Among the Maori of New England, each community has develped its own way of __________ crimes and has chosen a number of different punishments to watch them.
a) holding up
b) coming along
c) dealing with
d) paying for
e) taking over
Doğru cevap: C

9. He insisted that mountaineering __________ a sport for him, but a passion that __________ his whole life.
a) hadn't been/would dominate
b) isn't/has dominated
c) hasn't been/is dominating
d) wouldn't be/is dominating
e) wasn't/had dominated
Doğru cevap: ???? E

10. The judges of the International tribunal at the Hague __________ , on 1st February 2002, that charges relating to all three wars __________ together.
a) would agree/had been heard
b) have agreed/have been heard
c) were agreed/will be heard
d) agreed/would be heard
e) had agreed/were heard
Doğru cevap: D

11. When he moved from Ethiopia where he __________, to England, his experience __________ quite unlike those of his comtemporaries school.
a) had been born/were
b) is born/will be
c) would be born/would be
d) has been born/are
e) was born/will be
Doğru cevap: A

12. It is not considered safe to leave your computer on when you're not in the office, so __________ do so.
a) don't have to
b) mustn't
c) needn't
d) haven't got to
e) don't need to
Doğru cevap: B

13. If she __________ to the interview more positive state of mind, she __________ a better impression.
a) will go/would make
b) goes/has made
c) had gone/might have had
d) would go/had made
e) has gone/makes
Doğru cevap: C

14. The traditional idea that Asia was the cradle __________ primeval man has had to be modified __________ the light of the discovery of human fossils of great antiquity in Africa.
a) to/over
b) for/from
c) by/under
d) from/within
e) of/in
Doğru cevap: E

15. Naturally I was rather disappointed __________ the results of the experiment, but actually I wasn't really surprised __________ them.
Doğru cevap: with/at

16. When the personnel manager announced that everybody had to do overtime, because they were __________ schedule, this caused a great deal of ill will __________ the staff.
a) near/for
c) back/from
e) behind/among
Doğru cevap: E

17. Little is known about life on the ocean floor __________ scientists have only recently developed the technologoy for exploring it.
a) yet
c) though
d) whereas
Doğru cevap: B

18.Of the company's three accountants, only one is useful; __________ deserve to be sent away.
a) they both
b) all the others
c) both the others
d) each one
e)each of them
Doğru cevap: B

19. A young sociologist __________ article was published in the National Geographic had travelled 1700 miles across Australia's western Wilderness.
a) whose
c) that
d) which
e) whom
Doğru cevap: A

20. The impression I got was that the director has completely given up __________ hopes he may at one time have cherished.

a) as many
b) such
c) every
d) any
e) so many
Doğru cevap: E

21. The evolution of a parliamentary democracy __________ came about over a long weriod of time and __________ then the process was a rough one.
a) simply/as
b) only/ever
c) hardly/since
d) just/up to
e) really/so
Doğru cevap: C

22. The post is mine__________ I agree to stay away with the firm for at least three years.
a) in case
b) conditionally
c) if
d) whether
e) accordingly
Doğru cevap: C

23. They are in no way responsible: we must face the fact that we have only __________ to blame.
a) itself
b) ours
c) them
d) themselves
e) ourselves
Doğru cevap: E

24. The micro air vehicles they are working on are __________ small that it will be almost impossible to detect them with radar.
a) too
b) as
c) such
d) so
e) more
Doğru cevap: D

25. Some large-scale manufacturers have retail shops of their own __________________________________ .

Doğru cevap A. Where comsumers buying can be studied at close quarters.

26. Kerrich carried out exhaustive experiments in probabability__________________________________ .
Doğru cevap D. While he was interned in a camp in Jutland for the duration of the war.

27. The manual workers in the automobile factory are threatening to go on strike__________________________________.
Doğru cevap A. If they do not receive an adequate pay rise.

28. The evacuation of the World Trade Center Towers might have been easier __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap C. If the multiple stairways had not all been in the central core of the building.

29. After he had learned my side of the story from Mary, __________________________________.
Doğru cevap B. He phoned me to apologize for his attitude.

30. Despite the great concern for leardership and the large amount of writings about it __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap E. There is relatively little agreement between ............. .

31. Though every industrial development project is a potential source of pollution __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap C. Careful advance planning can minimize ..........