2004 Kasım KPDS sınav soruları

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1. 15. sorularda, cümlede bos bırakılan yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. These novels illustrate the author's ? for the struggles of young people and the proper help that should be given.
A) deceit
B) obligation
C) alteration
D) disturbance
E) concem

2. The quartet's rendering of Mozart is ? good, but l have mixed feelings about the Schubert collection.
A) exceptionally
B) sensitively
C) preferably
D) impulsively
E) impartially

3. The book is surprisingly lucid and manages to make the controversial fıeld of evolutionary psychology ? to the average intelligent reader.
A) susceptible
B) conducive
C) available
D) indulgent
E) exclusive

4. America's subsidies to its cotton farmers have long been a noteworthy example of the harm that rich countries' subsidies ? on the poor.
A) enforce
B) provide
C) exceed
D) Inflict
E) employ

5. As Egypt ? rts biggest irrigation project, the Pharaohs' dream of spreading their kingdoms into the desertjs coming true.
A) puis off
B) embarks on ,
C) breaks up
D) tries on
E) shows up

6. China's economic boom ? a growing need for energy that only foreign supplies
A) will produce / used to satisfy
B) produced / had satisfied
C) is producing / could satisfy
D) has produced / can satisfy
E) would produce / would have satisfied ,

7. They hope that by surrounding city centres and likely terrorist targets with "soft walls", they ? it impossible for hijacked planes ? anywhere near them.
A)will make / to get
B) make / having got
C) make /to have got
D) have made / to be got
E) are making / getting

8. New DNA evidence hints that "African Eve", the 150,000yearold female ancestor of every person on Earth, ? in Tanzania or Ethiopia.
A) has lived
B) is used to living
C) may have lived
D) would live
E) would be living

9. Socrates ? that we ?with the improvement of our souls.
A) must have said / would be concerned
B) had said / had to be concerned
C) was saying / should have been concemed
D) has said / had been concemed said
E) saids / should be concemed

10. ? its vast forests, Myanmar was thought to possess the largest number of tigers ? India.
B) ın / for
C) At / to
D) With / after
E) Through / by

11. Though the most important factors in pricing decisions are production costs and the level ? demand, broader company objectives must also be taken,consideration.
A) in / out of
B) of / into
C) with / for
D) between / by
E) on / under

12. Until people reallze that they have to develop new skills, there's no way the economy can improve,?

A) is there
B) can there
C) can it
D) have they
E) can they ,

13. ? they are accessible by boat only, these islands are still largely undeveloped.
A) Even
B)As if
C) Although
D) Conseguently
E) Since

14. The most devastating human impact on environments can be seen on islands ? settlers have introduced new animals and plants.
B) to whom
C) what
D) to which
E) whom

15. Human activrty has destroyed ? plant species that collective action is essential for the conservation of those that remain.
A) more
B) so many
C) many more
D) the most
E) as many

16. 20. sorularda, asağıdaki parçada numaralanmıs yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

When the rage for orchids hit Europe in the nineteenth century collectors immediately reallzed that greenhouses were needed to provide (16) ? growing conditions. (17) ? greenhouses were a luxury (18) ? the very wealthy. But before long, greenhouses (19) ? massproduced, (20) ? made them more affordable for orchid lovers of modest means.

A) better
B) best
C) as good
D) the most
E) more

A) At times
B) At present
C) Eventually
D) Hardly
E) At first

A) for
B) off
C) about
D) over
E) from

A) have been
B) were being
C) had been
D) would have been
E) will be

A) what
B) thus
C) which
D) but

21. ? 25. sorularda, asağıdaki parçada numaralanmıs yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, most Americans were indifferent to paint. Wood was plentiful and cheap especially on the frontier; (21)??most settlers had to chop down trees to dear theîr land. (22)? eager to start farming, they used their wood to build their cabins as cheaply and quickly as possible. If they had painted their buildings, this (23) ? their durability;(24) ? painting was an expensive and timeconsuming job. There were (25) ??more urgent calls upon their time and their money.
A) on the contrary
B) as if
C) similarly
D) in case
E) in fact

A) Having been
B) To be
C) To have been
D) Being
E) Having to be

A) had extended
B) might have extended
C) vas extending
D) would be extending
E) might extend

A) but
B) whether
C) unless
D) that
E) if

B) any
C) anywhere
D) other

26. 35. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun sekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

26. Since the migratory routes of cranes ignore political boundaries,

A) a species bank of captive cranes has been created to guard against extinction
B) some cranes depend exclusively upon wetlands for nesting and feeding
Of any effort to protect them requires theparticipation of severaı countries
D) an International effort to ensure safe passage for cranes would have been hardly feasible
E) this was simply a means to draw global attention to cranes and their work

27. ? where farmers benefit from legal opium cultivation for the production of painkillers.
A) Turkey is one of several countries
B) The UN's drugcontrol agency admits that cropsubstitution projects are inadequate
Ç) Total opium elimination in these countries is hardlyfeasible
D) Until recently, only the trafficking of opium was prohibited in Laos, not the cultivation of it
E) Opium is one of the oldest painkillers known

28. ?, when Eveready introduced the alkallne battery.
A) Their technological success is stili being guestioned
B) Many new materials have been adapted for battery use
C) Mercury, too, has recently been eliminated from batteries on account of its toxicity
D) The lifespans of these batteries are expected to improve
5) The first major advance in flashlight batteries came in 1959

29. ? that New York City is being badly run and desperately needs to be reorganized.
A) None of them had admitted
B) Everybody acknovwledges
C) Many Americans were asking the authorities
D) Letters of protest had been written to the Mayor's Office
E) Many journallsts would recommend

30. Because scientists believe that comets in the distant past deposited water and organic compounds on both Earth and its moon
A) in the 1990s, two probes that orbited the moon raised new guestions about Earth's airless satellite
B) it is the largest impact crater in the entire solar system
C) the exploration agenda would have been changed
D) wellpreserved ice at the lunar poles could yield clues to the origins of life
E) those lunar missions had been supported by very few scientists

31. ?there's a lot of truth in the saying that an orchestra is only as good as its conductor.
A) Though there are exceptions
B) If the orchestra were in better shape
C) Since his abilities as an orchestra builder are very impressive
D) Once they had gained intemational recognition
E) Since music critics are involved in a serious controversy

32. in good hands, the harpsichord will always have things to offer
A) that its value has never been doubted
B) which other musical Instruments cannot
C) if yet another challenge had to be faced
D) even when the performances were not quite flawless
E) since a substantial amount of his earty period has been recorded

33. Many of Europe's museums and cultural institutions are in financial trouble,
A) even though most of America's cultural institutions get little cash from the federal government
B) since plans by the Itallan government to privatize parts of the country's cultural heritage have fallen through
C) as governments find themselves forced to cut subsidies
D) because the Itallan government has come up with a bold plan to ease the cash crisis facing the museums
E) if France's new culture minister has come out in favour of a plan for more independence for national museums

34. Well before 11 September, peopie began to fear
A) if they had achieved their political ends
B) that terrorists would start to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons
C) so that Americans can confront the worst threats before they emerge
D) in case America will have to consider creating a domesttc intelligence agency
E) when the United States toppled the regime that gave alQaeda its Afghan sanctuary

35. in the 20th century, most of the large military powers developed biological weapons,
A) but moral repugnance kept these countries from using them against each other
B) although bioweapons have a fearful potential that has long been understood
C) while as many as 17 countries are stili thought to have kept some to use in an emergency
D) so long as none of the regimes is supporting a terrorist group
E) just as nonlethal weapons merit particular attention

36. 40. sorularda, verilen ingilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

36. lraq is making efforts to rebuild its shattered financial system by granting three foreign banks permission to operate in the country.
A) Yok olmus mall sistemini yeniden kurabilmek için çalısmalara baslamıs olan Irak, sadece üç yabancı bankanın ülkede faallyet göstermesine izin veriyor.
B) Irak, yıkılmıs olan mall sistemini yeniden yapılandırmak amacıyla çalısmalara baslamıs ve üç yabancı bankanın ülkede faallyete geçmesine izin vermistir.
C) Dağılmıs olan mall sistemini yeniden düzenlemek için gayret içine giren Irak, ülkede üç yabancı bankanın faallyet göstermesine onay vermistir.
D) Irak'ın yabancı bankalardan üçünün ülkede faallyete geçmesine onay vermesi, yıkılan mall sistemini yeniden kurmaya çalıstığının göster gesidir.
E) Irak, ülkede faallyet göstermeleri için üç yabancı bankaya izin vererek, paramparça olmus mall S sistemini yeniden kurmaya çaba gösteriyor.

37. The Celts, who were later called "Gauls" by the Romans, migrated from the Rhine valley into the region that is now France.
A) Geçmiste Romalıların "Salyalılar" dediği Keltier, Ren vadisinden göç ederek bugünkü Fransa'ya yerlesmislerdir.
B) Romalıların "Salyalılar" olarak adlandırdığı Keltier, bugünkü Fransa'nın yakınlarına, Ren vadisinden göç ederek gelmislerdir.
C) Bugün Fransa olan bölgeye Ren vadisinden göç etmis olan Keltlere, Romalılar "Salyalılar" adını vermisti.
D) Daha sonra Romalılar tarafından "Salyalılar" olarak adlandırılan Keltier, bugün Fransa olan bölgeye, Ren vadisinden göç etmislerdir.
E) Romalılarca uzun yıllar boyunca "Salyalılar" olarak adlandırılan Keltier, Ren vadisinden göç edip bugünkü Fransa'ya yerlesmislerdir.

38. The German government and the opposition are expeçted to agree on a new law to make it easier for güallfıed foreigners to sertle in Genmany.
A) Alman hükümeti ve muhalefetjff üzerinde uzlastığı yeni yasanın nitelikli yabancıların Almanya'ya yerlesmelerini kolaylastırması bekleniyor.
B) Alman hükümeti nitelikli yabancıların Almanya'ya yerlesmelerini kolaylastıran yeni bir yasa üzerinde muhalefetle anlasmayı umuyor.
C) Alman hükümeti ile muhalefetin, nitelikli yabancıların Almanya'ya yertesmelerini kolaylastırmak için yeni bir yasa üzerinde anlasmaya varmaları bekleniyor.
D) Alman muhalefetinin nitelikli yabancılann Almanya'ya daha kolay yerteseöilmelerini sağlayacak yeni bir yasa üzerinde hükümetle anlastığı belirtiliyor.
E) Alman hükümeti ve muhalefetinin uzlasarak, nitelikli yabancıların Altrfanya'da çalısmalarını kolaylastıracak yeni yasayı yakında çıkarmaları bekleniyor.

39. When the Mongol invasion started, the Uygurs, reallzing that resistance was futile, submitted willingly to Gengis Khan.
A) Moğol istilası yaygınlasınca, direnisin ise yaramayacağını anlayan Uygurlar, Cengiz Han'a gönüllü teslim oldular.
B) Moğol istilası baslayınca, direnisin bosuna olduğunu anlayan Uygurlar, Cengiz Han'a isteyerek teslim oldular.
C) Direnisin bosuna olduğuna inanan Uygurlar, Moğol istilası baslar tiaslamaz Cengiz Han'a teslim oldular.
D) Moğolların istilası baslayınca direnmenin bosuna olduğunu fark eden Uygurlar, Cengiz Han'ın isteklerini kabul ettiler.
E) Moğol istilası, Uygurların direnisin bosuna olduğuna inanmalarına yol açtı ve Uygurlar, Cengiz Han'a isteyerek teslim oldular.

According to the UN observers in ihe region, Rwandan troops have reentered Congo in violation of the peace treaty signed between the two countries last year.

A) Bölgedeki BM gözlemcilerine göre, Ruanda askerleri, geçen yıl iki ülke arasında imzalanan barıs antlasmasına aykırı olarak, yeniden Kongo'ya girmistir. ,
B) Bölgedeki BM görevlilerine göre, geçen yıl iki ülke arasında yapılan barıs antlasmasını çiğneyen Ruanda askerleri, Kongo'ya tekrar girmistir.
C) Bölgede bulunan BM görelilerine göre, Ruanda askerleri Kongo'ya tekrar'girerek geçen yıl yapın barıs antlasmasını bozmustur.
D) Bölgede görev yapan BM sorumlularına göre, Ruanda askerleri Kongo'ya yeniden girmis ve böylelikle geçen yıl iki ülke arasında imzalanmıs olan barıs antlasmasını ihlal etmistir.
E) Bölgede bulunan BM gözlemcilerine göre, geçen yıl iki ülke arasında imzalanan barıs antlasmasına rağmen, Ruanda askerlerinin çoğu Kongo'ya bir kez daha girmistir.

41. 45. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın ingilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

41. Nicholas Gane'in yeni yayımlanan kitabı Toplum Kuramının Geleceği, dünyanın önde gelen toplum kuramcıları ile yapılan bir dizi mülakatı bir araya getirmektedir.

A) The newlypublished book, The Future of Social Theory by Nicholas Gene, draws heavily on a series of interviews conducted by the world's leading social theorists.
B) Nicholas Gane's newjypublished book The Future of Social Theory brings together a series of interviews held with the world's leading social theorists.
C) A series of interviews with the world's leading social theorists was the starting point for Nicholas Gane's newlypublished The Future of Social Theory.
D) Nicholas Gane interviewed some of the world's leading social theorists before writing The Future of Social Theory which has repently been published. '
E) Nicholas Gane's newlypublished book The Future of Sodal Theorymakes extensive use of interviews between the writer and the world's leading social theorists.

42. 1 Mayıs 2004'te on yeni ülkenin Avrupa Birliği'ne girisi. Demir Perde ile zorla bölünmüs bir kıtanın bir araya gelisini simgelemektedir.
A) The entrance, on1 May 2004, of ten new countries to the European Union symbolizes the comingtogether of a continent forced apart by the Iron Curtain.
B) Ten new countries joined European Union on 1 May 2004 symbolizing the reunion of a continent forced apart by the Iron Curtain.
C) On 1 May 2004, when ten new countries entered the European Union, the forced division of a continent by the Iron Curtain symbolically came to an end.
D) The entrance of ten new countries to the European Union on 1 May 2004 can also be regarded as symbolizing the reunion of a continent forced apaft by the Iron Curtain.
E) With the entrance of ten new countries to the European Union on 1 May2004, the symbolic division of a continent by the Iron Curtain was finally broken.

43. BM Güvenlîk Konseyi kitle imhasilahlarına sahip olmayı, bunlan. üretmeyi ve.bunlann kaçakçılığını yapmayı suç saymaları için ülkelere çağrıda bulunan bir kararı oybirliğiyle almıstır.
A) The possession, manufacture and traffıcking of weapons of mass destruction have been banned in all countries following a resolution to this effect unanimously passed by the UN Security Council.
B) Presumably, therUN Security Council will unanimously pass a resolution to demand that all countries criminallze the possession, manufactupfe and traffıcking of weapons of mass destruction.
C) The possession, manufacture and traffıcking of weapons of mass desioıction have been criminallzed in some countries following the passing of a unanımous resolution by the UN Security Council.
D) in line with a resolotion of the UN Security Council, countries have all made the possession, manufacture smd traffıcking of weapons of mass destrucion illegal. "
E) The UN Sgcurity Council has unanimously passed resolution calling upon countries to criminallze the possession, manufacture and traffıcking of weapons of mass destruction.

44. Edebiyat elestirisi üzerine yeni bir kitap yazmıs olan Mary williams, günümüzün en etkili ve özgün edebiyat elestirmenlerinden ve feminist düsünürlerinden biridir.
A) Mary Williams, a feminist thiinker, has brought out a new book whichjs about the most influential and originalliterary critics of our time.
B) Mary Williams, who is oneof the most successful and original critics of our time, has written a new book on literary criticism and feminist thinking.
C) Mary Williams, who has written a new book on literary criticism, is one of the most influential and original literary critics and feminist thinkers of our time.
D) One of the most impressive and innovative literary critics of our age is Mary Williams, a feminist thinker, who has brought out a new book on literary criticism.
E) The new book on literary criticism written by Mary Williams establishes her as one of the most influential and stimulating of the feminist critics of our age.

45. Osmanlı imparatorluğu doneminde, Selanik sehrinde ilk futbol maçını düzenleyenler, İngiliz tütün ve çamuk tüccarlarıydı.
A) it was during the period of the Ottoman Empire that the fırst football match in the city of Salonika was organized by British tobacco and cotton traders.
B) it was British tobacco and cotton traders who organized the first football match in the city of Salonika during the period of the Ottoman Empire.
C) The first football match to be organized by British tobacco and cotton traders was in the city of Salonika during the period of the Ottoman
D) British tobacco and cotton traders held their fırst football match in Salonika during the time of the Ottoman Empire.
E) The fırst football match to be held in Salonika was during the time of the Ottoman Empire and was organized by British tobacco and cotton traders.

46. 51. sorularda, bos bırakılan yere, parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

46. Most trees produce a ring of new wood each year and these circies of growrth can easilybe seen in a crosssection of the trunk of a felled tree. First, the rings become narrower with the increasing age of the tree. Second, the amount a tree grows each year is affected by fluctuations in climate.
A) A narrow growth ring may be the result of a cold spell in spring
B) in temperate regions, sunlight may be more important than rainfall in affecting a tree's growth
C) Several conditions can contribute to a particularly thick annual ring
D) These rings are not of uniform thickness and vary for two reasons
E) Results have been particularly impressive in the American Southwest for a variety of reasons

47. If Johannesburg is to live up to its potential, it must overcome its apartheid legacy of division. Contact between the races often remains awkward.......... The hope is tîîat witrî more children mixıng at school, the next generation will coexist more easily.
A) This is very understandable as the idea of equallty is stilli very new
B) One major concem that all races have in common is crime
C) in the worst parts of the city, for example, one in three people was robbed last year
D) The best restaurants of Africa are to be found in Johannesburg as are the best hospitals
E) Indeed, in some suburbs living conditions are good. but in many quarters they remain harsh and often violent

48. To help users find reliable nutrition Information on the internet, this university maintains an online rating and review guide called the Nutrition Navigator. Each website receives a score from 1 to 25, and links are provided to recommended sites.
A) For instance, many televised nutrition messages are presented by celebrities, food editors and chefs
B) Even so, the Nutrition Navigator remained the best site from which to launch ventures into nutrition cyberspace
C) Many people tüm to their physicians for dietary advice, expecting them to know all about healthrelated matters
D) The ratings reflect the opinions of a panel of nutrition experts on selected websites on the basis of their accuracy and depth
E) The Internet offers no guarantees of the accuracy of the information found there

49. Poliçe may soon have a new weapon in the fıght against erime: earprints. Earprints are left when criminals press their ears against a door ör window to listen for sounds within.
A) They will also develop a database for ear shapes, scars and creases
B) The Forensic Ear Identification project is expected to come up with a soiution to this problem
C) As with fingerprints, earprints could help detectives to place suspects at the scene of a crime
D)Even so, earprints are already being used as evidence in parts of Europe
E)So it seems unlikely that earprints will ever be used as evidence in courtrooms

50.Robots could soon be doing their bit for the environment. The results suggest that herbicide use could be reduced by 70% if farmers used these robots to adopt more selective spraying techniques.
A) The longerterm goal is to avoid herbicides altogether
B) Trials are presently underway for a Danish robot that maps the position of weeds growing among crops
C) Naturally it would be better to have the robot pull the weeds out of the ground rather than poisoning them
D) These robots cannot distinguish between plant species and treat anything green as a weed
E) The problem is not one of expense because herbicides are cheap

51.The internet introduces a technology which poses new challenges to the protection of individual privacy. Each of these systems is capable of monitoring, capturing and storing Communications that pass through it.
A) Apparently Internet technology can gather personal Information without fırst seeking consent
B) in the US, most federal privacy laws apply only to the federal government
C) it can be argued that intruding into others' lives ' through unobtrusive surveillance, through market research or through any other means is a violation of privacy
D) Screening for employment purposes can certainly be regarded as an invasion of personal privacy
memurlar.net E) Information sent over this vast network of networks may pass through many computer systems before it reaches its final destination

52. 57. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmis olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

52. A friend of yours has fallen and broken his leg. it will have to be in plaster for guite some time. Since he's normally a very active person, he's going to find it very difficult to lead a more sedentary life. You can't offer much comfort but do your best and say:
A) l'm afraid your leg won't heal for a long time.
B) What are you going to do all day stuck here?
C) What were you doing? You must have been very careless.
D) What's happened has happened. You'll just have to make the best of it.
E) Even when they take the plaster off, it will still be difficult to walk!

53. Your department has hired a newsecretary who is shy and rather lacking selfconfidence.You Know that the head of the department, who she will be working for, behaves rather formally although he is actually a very sociable person. You want her to know this, and so say:
A) He's so unpredictable; l don't think you'll be able to put up with him.
B) If I were you, l'd always be on my guard against him.
C) Don't be put off by his stiff manner; he's really a very warm person.
D) I don't think you're the sort of person who'll be happy to work with him.
E) You are lucky to have göt this job; l'm sure you'll do your best in it.

54. One of your officemates is always coming in to work late. As he's a good friend of yours, you've been keeping the fact from the manager. But now you're getting tired of this, so you decıde to share your problem with another friend. You say:
A) Could you have a word with him? Perhaps he'll share his troubles with you.
B) What do you think of him? I think he's doing guite well.
C) Everyone comes in late sometimes.
D) He's a good person, and the manager likes him.
E) This has been going on far too long. l'm not prepared to cover up for him any longer!

55.A junior member of the research team has messed up a longterm laboratory experiment with the result that months of effort arejost. He is, actually, a very reliable.person and wellquallfied. As he is very upset, you want to comfort him and say:
A) Don't worry. Everyone gets it wrong sometimes.
B) You should have been careful! You've ruined everything!
C) Make sure this doesn't happen again! Otherwise you'll be fired.
D) Everyone on the team must be very annoyed, I imagine
E) l didn't expect you to be so careless and irresponsible. what's the matter with you?

56. At a company boardmeeting you feel that everyons favours playing safe. You feel no one is being dynamicenough. You believe one has to fight in order to win, so, in an effort to stir up a more active response in your colleagues, you say:
A) This board has always followed a cautious policy, and I see no reason at all to do otherwise. l'm sure you all agree.
B) You're right! We need to be extremely cautious at this critical time, and take no risks whatsoever.
C) Let's take our time over this decision. There's no need at all to rush matters.
D) There's no point in being middleoftheroad all the time! Nothing can be achieved without taking some reasonable risks.
E) Heated arguments never do any good so let us all try to keep calm.

57. You and a colleague are preparing a report for the 15 th of the month.You andyour colleague are collecting the data for the report separately but then all the Information will be brought together and the report finallzed. Your colleague thinks this can be done in a day and wants to do it on the 14 th.You feel this would be too late, and so you say
A) Good; we can surely finish it in a day, can't we?'
B) what's the matter? Haven't you started collecting the data yet?
C) l don't like leaving things till the last minute. AH sorts of problems could crop up.
D) We must be very careful not to duplicate our inforrnation and there must be nocontradictions.
E) So long as we start early in the moming, we ought to be able to finish it in time.".

58. 63. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

58. (l) in the 1996 movie Phenomenon, John Travolta plays a smalltown mechanic, George, who experiences a remarkable transformation. (II) For many people, IQ is the definition of intelligence and "hıgh IQ is an unquestioned good. (III) Knocked unconscibus by a mysterious flash of light, George Malley awakens to fınd himself a genius. (IV) Previously, he had been a man of simple interests and modest accomplishments, but suddenly he becomes intellectually insatiable. (V) He devours several books a day, creates invention after invention, beats his former mentor at chess and cracks security codes in his spare time.
A) l
E) V

59. (I) Countries throughout the world appear to be determined to avoid war at any cost. (II) in both France and Germany, govemments are seeking to introduce more flexibility into the labour markets. (III) Germany plans to make it easier to fire workers,
at least in small fırms. (IV) it also plans to curb unemployment and make jobseekers take unattractive jobs. (V) The French are working on similar lines, but hampered by their 35hourweek.
A) I

60. (l) The risks of flying and driving are influenced by different parameters. (II) The risk of driving depends largely on the distance travelled. (III) Most people do, in fact, reallze that flying is safer than driving, but stili gel nervous about it. (IV) The risk of flying is primarily affected by the number of take offs and landings. (V) Indeed, over a 10year period, 95 per cent of all airline fatallties occurred either during take off or during landing.
A) l
E) V

61. (l) Artists were much admired ancient Greek society for their skill.(II) Forexample, in the case of vase painting, it was quite common for the painter to sign the vessel in paint before it was fired(III) This means that numerous vessels are known to be the work of specific artists. (IV) Obviously, art is not restricted to the depiction of scenes or objects. (V) in fact, for the Attic blackfigure style, twelve painters are known by name.
A) I
E) V

62.(I) it seems that some form of electric battery may have been in use two centuries before Christ. (II) in 1938 the German archaeologist Wilhelm König found a small, oddly confıgured clay jar near Baghdad that he dated to 200 B.C. (III) ın any event, the modern history of batteries begins.with the itallan scientist Alessandro Volta. (IV) It has a coiled coppersheet inside and an iron rod extending through the top. (When filled with an acid such as vinegar, it could have generated 1.5 to 2.0 volts.
A) I

63. (I) New legislation to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the state of lllinois was introduced on February 6 th, 2004, in the lllinois House of Representatives. (II) On February 18 th, 2004, the bill was referred to the House Executive Committee. (III) The legislation would also make it illegal to transport horses into or out of the state for slaughter (IV)The 'Cavel International slaughter plant was destroyed by fire in March of 2002. (V) The antislaughter jegislation caused a clash between Horsemen's Council of Illinois, which opposes the bill, and industry associations, welfare groups and animal rights groups that support it."
A) l
E) V

64. 69. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

64. Chjna's determination to put.people in space dates back to the 1960's.
A) it was only in the 1 960s that China could ontemplate travel in space
B) China has been resolutely sending people into space ever since the early 1960s.
C) As far back as the 1960s, China also recognized the need to send people into space.
D) From the 1960s onwards, China has been captivated by space travel.
E) China has been set on getting people into space ever since the 1960s.

65. They held a dînner party to mark the occasion of their fortieth wedding anniversary
A) The dinner party they gave was to commemorate forty years of marriage.
B) They have been marriet for forty years and the dinner party is by way of celebration.
C) When they have been married for forty years they will give a dinner party to celebrate the fact.
D) At the dinner party, everyone congratulated them on forty years of marriage.
E) They have been married for forty years and a dinner party was held in their honour.

66. He got to the top at last because there was literally nobody standing in his path.
A) it was a long, hard grind to the top, but he finally made it.
B) If there had been any serious competition, it's not likely that he'd have made it to the top.
C) As there was absolutely no one to prevent him from doing so, he finally made it to the top.
D) As there was no opposition, he puickly rose to the top.
E) Since he faced no serious competition, it was inevitable that he should get to the top.

67. Information systems technology is one of several tools available to managers for coping with change.
A) The best means by which managers can cope with change is Information systems technology.
B) Information systems technology is the one medium which managers turn to when change becomes inevitable.
C) With the introduction of information systems technology managers now have a tool to ensure they can cope with change.
D) information systems technology is one of a number of mediums which managers can tüm to when faced with change.
E) With the assistance of, for instance, information systems technology, managers find they can keep control over change.

68. He's one of those people who is always ready to promise help but rarely keeps his promise.
A) He's often promised to help one, but never once done so.
B) He's like lots of other people; he promises to help but rarely does.
C) It's easy for him to promise to help, but he never actually does help.
D) Like so many others, he often promises to help but then forgets to do so.
E) He's the sort of person who is good at promising help, but almost always fails to do so

69. Get Jim to give the speech of welcome; he's quite the best person for the job.
A) Try to persuade Jim to give the speech of welcome: he's good at such things.
B) Jim will give a far better speech of welcome than anyone else would; get him do it.
C) As he's good at things like that, why don't you get Jim to give the speech of welcome?
D) One person who is good at speechmaking is Jim; ask him to do it.
E) Jim will make as good a speech of welcome as anyone l know; see if he'll agree to do it.

70. 75. sorularda, karsılıklı konusmanın bos bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.

70. Colin :
l thought that with the introduction of the euro, price variations in Europe would more or less disappear.
Colin :
Why not?
There are several reasons. One is the different tax rates, especially~on~thThgs like alcohol."
A) A lot of people thought like that. And it might still happen.
B) Actually, guite the reverse has occurred.
C) It's stili too earty to comment on the matter. But the differericesT are growing less.
D) That's what everyone expected. But it hasn't worked out like that.
E) Price variations aren't such a bad thing after all. l hope they won't disappear.

71. Jane:
What were you doing all day? I kept phoning but you were never in your office.
Jane :
Was that really essential?
Neil :
it certainly was. Morale and the company spirit both have a bearing on productivity.
A) The morning was taken up with meetings. And there was a staff party in the aftemoon that l had to attend.
B) I spent most of the day in the factory: we are reorganizing the assembly line.
C) l wasn't out all that much, but l did have to go to the bank.
D) What did you want me for, anyway?
E) Meetings! Most of them related to the installation of the new boiler. l have doubts about the reliability of the contractors.

72. Patrick :
Why are you so insistent that we must fınd a framework of collective security that does not rely on nuclear deterrence?
Patrick :
Why is that?
Surely it's obvious: they have no cities that can be bombed in reply and they are not focussed on selfpreservation.
A) l am convinced that reliance on nuclear weapons will'be obsolete in the near future.
B) Because the very existence of nuclear weapons gives rise to the pursuit of them.
C) Because we need to work towards global security
D) Actually l'm not: l don't think it's feasible.
E) Because the rise of terrorist groups makes this essential.

73. John :
Borrowing to buy a house ought to be as simple a transaction as borrowing to buy a car don't you agree?
Robin :
Yes, l do. Why do you ask?
John :
Robin :
I guess it is because the sums are much much bigger, and the period of repayment is longer.
A) Because l am interested in how banks fix mortgage rates.
B) in fact, interest rates have been rising since early summer.
C) But the govemment has introduced new tax subsidies for home loans, and that's a good thing.
D) Because it's not. There's far more papenwork reguired, and it's altogether much more complicated.
E) I think it's important. Govemments should pay nore attention to housing finance.

74. Helen :
l see a great many airlines are stili having to struggle to keep going. That's not true of THY, is it?
Chris :
No. They've actually made quite a good profil over the past year and are planning to expand.
Helen :
Chris :
l believe so. l do know they've put in orders for 51 new planes for next year.
A) Yes, l remember reading something about it; but it's a lorig time ago now.
B) Well, that's certainly good news. Will they be flying further afield?
C) The security controls you have to go through at airports make air travel quite objectionable.
D) That sounds reasonable. So many people continue to avoid travelling by air.
E) Airports are already far too big; don't you agree?

75. Jennifer:
l see you've bought that new book that's come out on Goya. Have you read it yet?
Karen :
No, l haven't. it promises to be fascinating reading, so l'm saving it up till l've got a prolonged period of leisure time.
Karen :
No, only with the ones l expect to be really good.
A) l read a review of it only the other day and it certainly does sound fascinating!
B) Ouite right too! What else do you plan to do?
C) Do you do that with all the books you buy?
O) Goya is not one of my favourite artists, but that book helped me to appreciate him a lot more.
E) You'll find the book throws a great deal of light on his The Disasters of War.

74. Helen :
l see a great many airlines are stili having to struggle to keep going. That's not true of THY, is it?
Chris :
No. They've actually made quite a good profil över the past year and are planning to expand.
Helen :
Chris :
l believe so. l do know they*ve put in orders for 51 new planes for next year.
A) Yes, l remember reading something about it; but it's a lorig time ago now.
B) Well, that's certainly good news. Will they be flying further afield?
The security controls you have to go through at airports make air travel quite objectionable.
D) That sounds reasonable. So many people continue to avoid travelling by air.
E) Airports are already far too big; don't you agree?

75. Jennifer:
l see you've bought that new book that's come out ön Goya. Have you read it yet?
Karen :
No, l haven't. it promises to be fascinating reading, so l'm saving it up till l've göt a proionged period of leisure time.
Karen :
No, only with the ones l expect to be really good.
A) l read a review of it only the other day and 'rt certainly does sound fascinating!
B) Ouite right too! What else do you plan to do? Do you do that with all the books you buy?
O) Goya is not one of my favourite artists, but that book helped me to appreciate him a lot more.
E) You'll find the book throws a great deal of light on his The Disasters of War.
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76. 80. soruları asağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Why are people prejudiced? Not surprisingly, theories of prejudice have tended to focus on the more extreme forms of prejudice, in particular when there is aggression and violence. At the turn of the last century, it was popular to consider prejudice to be an innate and instinctive reaction to certain categories of person (e.g certain races) much as animals would react in instinctive ways to one another. This sport of approach is no longer popular, as it doesn't stand up well to scientific scrutiny However there may be an innate component to prejudice. There is some evidence that higher anirnals, including humans, haye an inherent fear of the unfamilier and unusual, which might set the' mould for negative attitudes towards groups that are considered different in certain ways. There is also evidence for a mere exposure effect, in which, people's attitudes towards various stimuli (e.g. other people) ,lmprove as a direct function of repeated. exposure ör familiarity with the stimulus, provided, that initial reactions to the stimuli are not negâtive. Another perspective rests on the belief that prejudices are leamed Indeed, it has been argued that hatre and suspicion of certain groups are learned.early in life, before.the child even knows anything about the target group and that this provides an emotional framework that colours all subsequent information about, and experience with, the group.

76. According to the passage, at the beginning of the 20th century, Prejudice was generally regarded
A) in very much the same way as it is now
B) as a natural and intuitive response
C) as something that had to be corrected
D) as inevitable and therefore acceptable
E) as an outcome of parental conditioning

77. it is clear from the passage that studies on prejudice
A) often spring from animal behaviour
B) suggest that most children adopt the prejudices of their parents
C) have finally established that it is innate
D) aim to discover how they can be overcome
E) have usually concentrated on the more destructive expressions of it

78. One theory referred to in the passage, suggests that man's innate fear of what is rarely encountered or little known
A) may play a role in creating prejudices
B) prevents him from developing his social possibilities
C) is an aspect of his character that relates him very closely to the rest of the animal world
D) is far less strong now than formerly
E) has helped to make society more uniform

79. We learn from the passage that the "mere exposure effect" occurs when......
A) opposing groups agree to meet each other half way
B) individuals start to copy the behaviour pattems of the people they are with
C) people learn to face the fact that their prejudices are without foundation
D) repeated contact with a particular group leads to a better understanding of that group
E) people can admit that their first reactions were f too extreme

80. According to the passage, certain studies suggest that prejudice against various groups of society
A) is on the increase simply because it is receiving too much attention
B) develops early in life, even before any real contact has been made with them
C) could best be overcome by keeping children unaware of it
D) is largely racial in character
E) has only resulted in violence on very rare occasions

81. 85. soruları asağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
By the earty 19th century the eminent French zoologist Georges Cuvier believed he had found rock-solid evidence for the biblical great flood. While studying the geological strata around Paris, Cuvier foundthat fossils of sea creatures in one ancient layer of chalk were overlaid by those of land creatures. Then just as abruptly the layer above contained sea creatures again, with the top layer showing evidence of a vast and rapid inundation around present-day Paris. Cuvier regarded these sudden changes in the fossil record as evidence for sudden Catastrophes which devastated life on Earth, of which the great flood was just the most recent example. Cuvier's discoverie's, published in 1812 won support from a large number of eminent scientists such as the geologist Sir James Hall However there were a few who were deeply sceptical, pointing out that the evidence of a global flood was far from conclusive. Most sceptical of all were the followers of the Scottish geologist James Hutton. In 1795 he had published atwo-volume text based on the view that the slow steady processes that shape our planet today,such as erosion,werw also crucially important in the distant past.

81. We learn from the passage that many scientists
A) gave full support to Çuvier's view that the great flood had actually laken place
B) were not at all impressed by Cuvier's discoveries in the Paris area
C) followed up Cuvier's excavations of marine fossils
D) were, like Cuvier, engaged in a search for evidence of the great flood
E) ceased to be sceptical of the great flood once Sir James Hail had given his support to Cuvier

82. it is pointed.out in the passage, that in the course of excavations near Paris Cuvier
A) slowly came to recognize the geological significance of the biblical great flood
B) was particularly surprised that there were chalk formations in the area
C) was slow to recognize the geological importance of marine fossils
D) grew interested in the fossils of sea creatures only after he came across a second layer
E) discovered altemating layers of fossils relating to sea and land creatures

83. it is clear from the passage that Cuvier......
A) adopted an indifferent attitude towards the attacks of his critics
B) was greatly influenced by Hutton's theory conceming the Earth's formation
C) was particularly interested in marine fossils and concentrated on them for research purposes
d) interpreted his fossil discoveries as indications of major catastrophes similar to the great flood
E) had devoted years of research to establishing that the biblical great flood had actually occurred

84. According to the passage, Cuvier's critics.......
A) were extremely jealous of his discoveries near Paris
B) felt that there was insufficient geological evidence to confırm that the biblical great flood ever had occurred
C) regarded erosion as only a minor geological process
D) were also equally opposed to the views expressed by Hutton
E) certainly believed there had been a global flood but did not regard his discoveries as scientifically important

85. As we learn from the passage, Hutton's theory was that.....
A) long-term geological change, such as erosion, had been of paramount importance in the Earth's history
B) erosion was the single most important cause of geological change on Earth
C) some geological processes, such as erosion, were relatively recent in the history of the Earth
D) our planet had been subjected to countless catastrophies in the distant past
E) the formation of our planet was the outcome of different processes in different places

86. - 90. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

No child is too young to play and therefore to engage in engineering, even though it is of a primitive kind. We all did so as children ourselves when we devised our own toys and games and sometimes even imaginary friends to enjoy them with us. the idea of playfulness is embedded in engineering through the concepts of invention and design. Not that engineering is trivial; rather, the heart of the activity is to give imagination its freedom to dream and turn those dreams into reality. Children do experience the essence of engineering in their earliest activities, yet there is seldom any recognition that this is the case. They may hear the word "engineer" only in connection with railroad locomotives and have no idea that their playful activity coul become a lifelong profession. Engineers themselves are understandably reluctant to equate their professional activity with meer child's play. After all, they studied long and hard to master comlicated knowledge of atoms and molekules, stresses and strains, heat and power, current and voltages, bits and bytes. they use computers for serious modelling and calculation, not for fun and games, They design and build real towers and bridges that test the limits of reliability and safety, not toy ones that totter and fall down with little consequence.

86. The main point the wrîter is making in this passage is that .......
A) man has practised engineering ever since primitive times
B) some children are born to be engineers
C) children and engineers both have the capacity to imagine and create
D) reliability and safety are minor details for the professional engineer
E) any engineering fault in design ör calculation does have serious conseguences

87. One point stressed in the passage is that professional engineering ..........
A) is very different from all other scientific activities
B) reguires more imagination than technical knowledge and calculation
C) makes little use of theoretical knowledge
D) gives priority to design rather than to invention
E) covers a vast field of involved or intricate subjects of wide scope

88. As wecan see from the passage, the writer is careful..........
A) not to exaggerate the importance of creative play to a child
B) to list all areas that are of concem to an engineer
C) to show how slowly a child's mental capacity develops
D) not to offend engineers by his comparison
E) to avoid using technical terminology in the passage

89. it is suggested in the passage that children..........
A) are not aware of the fact that in their games they are involved in some kind of engineering activity
B) should be constantly encouraged to play games that involve engineering techniques
C) love to imitate the activities that go on around them
D) are incapable of imaginative thinking
E) have a primitive perception of life

90. According to the passage, what children and engineers have in common are..........
A) reliability and safety
B) experience and knowledge
C) invention and design
D) modelling and calculation
E) recognition and reallty

91 - 95. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Europe and Japan do not use fuel economy standards to any significant degree, but instead rely principally on high taxes to reduce gas consumption. Their average tax i is more than $2 per gallon, while in the US, federal gas taxes are only 18 EURO per gallon and average state taxes 22 euro per gallon. Higher prices at the pump rusulting from higher taxes increase consumer demand for cars with better fuel economy. They aslo encouarege consumers to reduce their driving. Research shows that federal taxes on gasoline would have to increase by a bit less than 50 euro per gallon to cut gasoline consumptin in the US. Although a 50 euro incerase is a lot compared with the present average total tax of 40 euro, it would raise retail gas prices to only a little more than $2 per gallon, tax included. This is far below prices in europe and Jaan. even if federal taxes on gas were doubled, US retail gas prices would still be much below those in other developed natşions.

91. According to the passage, efforts have been made ?.
A) to compare the levels of fuel consumption as well as fuel prices in Europe
B) to assess what price increases would lead to a significant reduction in fuel consumption in the US
C) to give more appeal to public transport
D) to establish what vehicle types consume less fuel
E) to develop fuel-efficient vehicles for sale in the US

92. It is clear from the passage that Japan's strategy to keep fuel consumption down ?.
a) Depends largely on the high taxation of fuel
B) has been greatly criticized by the public
C) has not been as effective as was originally envisaged
D) has set an example that Europe is now adopting
E) has had no effect upon the country's car production technologies

93. According to the passage, the combined federal and state taxes on gas in the US ?.
A) have exceeded those currently in use in Europe
B) Are so high that they have forced Japanese car manufacturers to change their production strategies
C) have become a major public concern
D) have suddenly caused fuel prices to rise sharply
E) amount to much less than the tax paid in Japan

94. We learn from the passage that one effect of higher taxes on fuel ?.
A) has been a great deal of uneasiness and even anger among consumers
B) has been a noticeable drop in car sales everywhere
C) has been to draw attention to a much wider range of energy sources
D) is an increased demand for vehicles which consume less fuel
E) is that Europe's production of fuel-economy vehicles has increased remarkably

95. One point stressed in the passage is that fuel prices in Jhe US, ?'?.
A) which inciude both federal and state taxes, are expected to rise considerably
B) which have been increasing steadily for quite some time now, have almost equalled those in Japan and even Europe
C) even if the taxes were to be increased considerably, would stili be much lower than in other industrialized countries
D) which have not risen for a long time, seem likely to remain stable
E) where consumers go for cars with better fuel economy, have caused no change in driving habits

96. - 100. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Throughout his workinq life, Shakespeare worked as an actor in the midst of a troupe. We know little about his first years in London, For a few years between 1585 and 1592 his name disappears altogether from the public records, and the most likelt reason for this is that, for at least some of this time, he was working for one of the city's acting companies; as a junior member he would not be listed among the troupe's principal playres. In the late 1580s theatrical activity in london was largely concentrated in shoreditch and Southwark, districts of london. Shakespeara could have lived anywhere, but Shoreditch, which would have been cheap and convenient, is a likely candidate for a young actor. In his early career Shakespeare may have moved from troupe to troupe in order to survive. Whatever the case, working conditions must have been similar. Sundays, religious holidays and disasters aside, a company would perform a different play each afternoon of the week, though some plays would be repeated in the weeks ahead. An actor usually had to keep at least 30 parts in his memory and a leading player such as Alleyn or Burbage must have kept in mind nearly 5,00 lines a week.

96. According to the passage, in Shakespeare's time,--------
A) it was not unusual for actors to appear in a great many roles each week
B) there was no theatrical activity anywhere in England except for London
C) leading actors would only agree to appear in certain roles
D) an acting company usually staged a new play each week
E) acting was regarded as an immoral occupation

97. We learn from the passage that, in Shakespeare's London, theatres ?.
A) competed with each other to get Alleyn or Burbage in their troupe
B) were normally öpen to the public six afternoons a week
C) provided actors with a comfortable and profıtable way of life
D) were rather like drama schools and they trained actors
E) all had their own leading players

98. it is clear ,from the passage that Shakespeare, during his earty years in London, ?.
A) gained experience as an actor by appearing in a huge variety of parts
B) was encouraged to write plays by Alleyn and Burbage
C) devoted himself primarily to the writing of plays
D) preferred living in Southwark to Shoreditch
E) was little known as an actor though he was probably acting

99. We understand from the passage that in the late 16th century?-.
A) it was illegal to hold theatrical performances on religious days
B) Shoreditch and Southwark were heavily populated, commercial districts
C) there was apparently a great deal of public interest in the theatres
D) the popularity of Alleyn and Burbage was already on the decline
E) working conditions in the theatres varied enormously

100. it was clear frorm the passage that, for Shakespeare, they years in London up to 1592 ?.
A) were times of hardship and uncertainty
B) were a period of widespread public recognition
C) marked a tuming point in his life
D) brought many great changes and opportunities
E) were the period during which he established a lifelong friendship with Alleyn and Burbage

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