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2001 ÜDS Sosyal Bilimler Sınavı Soru ve Cevapları

15 Nisan 2003 00:00
1-21. Sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. As regards the proposals for the treaty on economic cooperation, my government has certain _____ concerning them.
A) complications
B) reservations
C) disturbances
D) restrictions
E) ?

2. The ____ concerning total disarmament have broken down without leading any fruitful results.
A) intentions
B) complaints
C) negotiations
D) commitments
E) involvements

3. A well organized company that knows its products are of a high standard does not fear ____ .
A) conversion
B) concentration
C) competition
D) departure
E) pretension

4. When births outnumber deaths, the population increases; when the ____ is true, then it falls.
A) opposite
B) growth
C) proportion
D) rate
E) decreases

5. I am not _____ that his proposal actually will lead to an improvement in the situation.
A) impressed
B) deterred
C) convinced
D) refrained
E) deserved

6. Nearly half of the world's countries have ____ capital punishment in law or in practice, and some two dozen of them have done so formally since 1985.
A) accused
B) abolished
C) executed
D) entailed
E) frustrated

7. Since most of the world's commercial apples lack genetic diversity, they are unable to ____ a disease or a pest.
A) put away
B) hold up
C) fight off
D) get off
E) break out

8. A hundred years ago the chestnut ____ a quarter of the hardwood trees in America.
A) turned down
B) got through
C) made up
D) made out
E) put down

9. Infectious diseases are those which are caused ____ an invasion of the body ____ organisms from outside.
A) through / with
B) by / by
C) over / through
D) in / without
E) upon / within

10. He looked ____ nervously ____ his shoulder hoping that no one was paying him any attention.
A) out / of
B) up / through
C) back / over
D) down / from
E) in / for

11. Naturally I will come to you for advice whenever I feel in need of ____ .
A) them
B) one
C) some
D) none
E) a few

12. ____ hard he works, he'll never be the equal of his father, he's just not capable of it.
A) So
B) However
C) As
D) Whatever
E) Just as

13. We know nothing at all about the company's new chairman ____ that he's just had his fiftieth birthday.
A) since
B) instead
C) in case
D) on condition
E) except

14. ____ wins will be expected to take the rest of us for a meal.
A) Whoever
B) Who
C) Whomever
D) Whomsoever
E) Whatever

15. Today, ____ rapid transportation and communications, the whole world is becoming one community with common economic interests.
A) as long as
B) in spite of
C) just as
D) because of
E) such as

16. Of all the drugs that have been prescribed so far, this has proved to be ____ effective one.
A) most
B) the most
C) more
D) just as
E) the more

17. Of course nobody knows what the outcome of the election ____ but at the moment Malcolm ____ as the most likely candidate.
A) would have been / is being regarded
B) is / has been regarded
C) was / would have been regarded
D) will be / is regarded
E) has been / has been regarded

18. The doctors are of the opinion that if the disorder ____ a few months earlier, it ____ treated successfully.
A) had been diagnosed / could have been
B) were diagnosed / would be
C) has been diagnosed / will be
D) is being diagnosed / is being
E) were to be diagnosed / has been

19. He's certainly going to recommend that the changes in the structure of the company be introduced step by step, and ____ .
A) so I am
B) so am I
C) so do I
D) I do, too
E) I also do

20. Private investments play ____ important a part in the country's long-running economic expansion ____ no government dares to increase taxation on personal savings.
A) too / that
B) such / as
C) much / so
D) so / that
E) as / as

21. Several members of the research team haven't handed in their reports yet, and I must admit I haven't _____
A) as well
B) too
C) either
D) also
E) neither

22-31 sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
22. I wished I hadn't given him a job in the firm _____
A) although he is less efficient than I once assumed
B) unless he makes a big effort to prove he can be useful
C) wherever a suitable vacancy may occur
D) ?
E) when I saw him behaving in such an irresponsible manner

23. Unless the northern part of the country gets some rain soon _____
A) ?
B) cotton would not have been a suitable crop for the area
C) they have already started to irrigate the rice fields
D) it seems that the new dam is not very efficient
E) there'll be a poor fruit crop this year

24. ____ not even his wife will be allowed to visit him.
A) Before the results of the tests had come through
B) Although the surgeon was unwilling to operate for a week
C) As long as the patient started to recover
D) Despite the fact that he proved allergic to certain medicines
E) While he remains in the intensive care unit

25. So long as certain countries continue to shelter terrorists ____ .
A) the hope of preserving international security was sheltered
B) the United Nations should have taken suitable action against them
C) the government had taken the matter to the Helsinki Conference
D) the chances of eradicating terrorism unfortunately remain silent
E) their aims would have been publicly condemned throughout the West

26. As unemployment is currently a major social issue, ____ .
A) the strikes have really crippled the industry and, consequently, the export of manufactured goods has come to a standstill
B) the measures introduced had little effect on the improvement of the country's economic performance
C) its worst economic effects have been partly softened by the government's introduction of unemployment compensation
D) the economic prospect was far from encouraging
E) people are not working as hard as their belief in the work ethic indicates that they should be

27. Before the national Health Service Act came into force in 1948 in England, ____ .
A) the funding of hospitals was a major issue in home politics
B) there have been angry debates about the necessity for it
C) these people aren't able to afford medical advice
D) everyone realised that these were all fundamentally, political issues
E) ?

28. The helicopter has the ability to climb vertically, ____ .
A) even though the winds were blowing at gale force
B) ?
C) which, in certain circumstances, is its main advantage over other types of aircraft
D) whenever the pilot felt himself obliged to make a forced landing
E) if the cost of its upkeep hadn't been a heavy burden on the budget

29. I suggest you finish all the work by noon ____ .
A) whenever there happened to be an important match on the television
B) why you want to go to the lake for a swim
C) whether you demanded an increase in your wages
D) however impossible it was
E) so that you can take the afternoon off

30. I would require a number of people in this company to take early retirement, ____ .
A) until the affair is forgotten
B) since I have the authority to do so
C) that such a scandal had really happened
vD) were I in full charge
E) even if I had been fully informed of matters well in advance

31. ____ as if surgery may be unnecessary.
A) They had already explained
B) In the light of the latest report, it looks
C) The doctor might have decided
D) According to the final tests one can conclude
E) The patient was encouraged

32-36 sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
32. I would probably have reacted in a similar manner if I had been faced with the same situation.
A) Böyle bir durumla karşılaşırsam, onunkine benzer bir tepki gösterebilirim.
B) Aynı durumla herhalde ben de karşılaşırsam onunkine benzer bir tepki gösterebilirim.
C) Eğer aynı durumla karşılaşsaydım herhalde ben de benzer şekilde tepki gösterirdim.
D) Eğer aynı durumla yine karşılaşırsam, herhalde aynı tepkiyi gösteririm.
E) Belik ben de aynı durumla karşılaştım ve tepkim de benzer şekilde oldu.

33. Some people are of the opinion that privatisation should be first implemented in the areas which are a big burden on the budget.
A) Bazı çevreler, öncelikle bütçe üzerinde etkili olan alanlarda özelleştirmeye gidilmesini savunuyor.
B) Bütçe üzerinde büyük bir yük olan alanlarda özelleştirmeye gidilmesi düşüncesi bazılarınca kabul ediliyor.
C) Bazıları, özelleştirmenin öncelikle bütçeye büyük bir yük olan alanlarda uygulanması gerektiği görüşündedir.
D) Bazıları özelleştirme uygulanırken önceliğin, bütçeye büyük bir yük olan alanlara verilmesini savunuyor.
E) Bazılarının görüşü, bütçe üzerinde büyük bir etkisi olan alanların özelleştirmeye öncelikle alınması doğrultusundadır.

34. Sooner or later a time comes when a rapid increase in the population of a country exceeds the usual supply of food.
A) Böyle giderse bir süre sonra ülke nüfusundaki hızlı artış yıllık gıda arzını çok geride bırakır.
B) Ne yazık ki bir gün ülke nüfusundaki bu hızlı artış yıllık gıda üretimini aşacak.
C) Bir zaman gelecek ki ülkedeki hızlı nüfus artışını karşılamak için gıda üretimi normalin üzerine çıkacak.
D) Eninde sonunda bir zaman gelir ki bir ülkenin nüfusundaki hızlı artış normal gıda arzını geçer.
E) Şöyle veya böyle, bir gün gelir ki ülkenin normal gıda arzı hızlı nüfus artışını karşılayamaz.

35. Originally, humanism was a concept used to define the education based upon the ancient Greek and Latin classics.
A) Hümanizm kavramının temelinde öncelikle eski Yunan ve Latin klasiklerine dayalı bir eğitim anlayışı vardır.
B) Esas itibariyle, humanizm eski Yunan ve Latin klasiklerini de içine alan bir eğitim anlayışını tanımlamak için kullanılıyordu.
C) Hümanizm, ilk kez eski Yunan ve Latin klasiklerinde eğitime dayalı olarak tanımlanmış bir kavramdır.
D) Özgün anlamıyla hümanizm, eski Yunan ve Latin klasiklerini kapsayan bir eğitim yaklaşımıdır ve bu amaçla kullanılmıştır.
E) Başlangıçta, hümanizm eski Yunan ve Latin klasiklerine dayalı eğitimi tanımlamak için kullanılan bir kavramdı.

36. In his talk he stressed that economic relationships are complicated and changeable, since everything happens at once.
A) Konuşmasında, ekonomik ilişkilerin karmaşık olduğunu ve sürekli değiştiğini, bunun da her şeyin bir anda olup bitmesine yol açtığını ileri sürdü.
B) Yaptığı konuşmada, her şeyin bir anda olup bitmesinin nedeninin ekonomik ilişkilerdeki karmaşıklık ve değişkenlik olduğunu iddia etti.
C) Olayların bir anda olup bitmesi sonucu ekonomik ilişkilerin ne denli çarpaşık ve farklı olduğunu kanuşmasında açıkça ortaya koydu.
D) Konuşmasında da belirttiği gibi, ekonomik ilişkiler hem karmaşık hem de değişken, çünkü her şey aniden ortaya çıkıyor.
E) Konuşmasında, herşey bir anda olup bittiği için ekonomik ilişkilerin karmaşık ve değişken olduğunu vurguladı.

37-41. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
37. Ülkenin en kalabalık kenti ve İsviçre bankacılığının kalbi olan Zürih, kendi okullarında dil öğretiminin iyileştirilmesi için bir danışma kurulu oluşturdu.
A) Zurich, one of the most crowded cities in the country and the main centre of Swiss banking, has decided to establish a working committee for the improvement of language schools.
B) Zurich, the most populous city of the country and the heart of Swiss banking, set up an advisory committee for the improvement of language teaching in its own schools.
C) The first of the advisory committee to be set up for the advance of language teaching in schools was in Zurich, which is an extremely crowded city and the heart of banking centre of Switzerland.
D) For the development of language teaching in schools a special committee was set up for Zurich, since it was a very crowded city and the heart of banking in Switzerland.
E) Zurich, which is an over-populated city and has been the heart of banking in Switzerland has launched a policy for efficient language teaching in its schools in line with the advisory committee's recommendations.

38. Kamuoyu yoklamaları farklılık gösterir, ancak Avusturalyalıların yaklaşık üçte ikisi cumhuriyet istediklerini açıkça söylemektedir.
A) Opinion polls are inconclusive, but roughly two-thirds of all Australians are clearly pleased to have a republic.
B) Opinion polls may vary, but well-over two-thirds of the Australians admit that they want a republic.
C) Opinion polls conclusively show that roughly two-thirds of the Australian people actually want a republic.
D) Opinion polls are unreliable, but nevertheless it is apparent that two-thirds or so of the Australian people are in favour of a republic.
E) Opinion polls vary, but about two-thirds of the Australians openly say that they want a republic.

39. İnsanlar, uygarlığın doğuşundan beri gökyüzünü incelemişlerdir; ancak orada var olanların büyük çoğunluğu hala bilinmemektedir.
A) People have studied the sky since the dawn of civilization, yet the bulk of what is out there is still unknown.
B) If people had studied the sky throughout civilized times, the bulk of what is out there would now have been known.
C) People were studying the sky even before the dawn of civilization, but little was known about what was out there.
D) A large portion of space remains unexplored though man has been interested in it since the dawn of civilization.
E) The sky has been under observation ever since civilization began, but not much is known about it.

40. Yönetim, yeni hisse senetlerinin, rayiç piyasa değerinden % 20 daha düşük olarak fiyatlandırılmasını uygun görmüştür.
A) The board has proposed the sale of new shares on the market at a price 20 % less than their current value.
B) The management has suggested that the new shares be issued at a price 20 % lower than the present market value.
C) The management has agreed that the new shares be priced 20 % below their current market value.
D) The board has announced that the price of the shares currently coming onto the market should be reduced by 20 % .
E) The managing board has accepted the pricing of the new shares, which will be 20 % down on their actual value on the market.

41. Tam Avrupanın siyasi birliğe doğru gittiği sırada, ekonomik politika ile ilgili çeşitli şüpheler ortaya çıktı.
A) Various doubts regarding economic policy surfaced and prevented the political unification of Europe.
B) Before the political unity of Europe can be really achieved, doubts regarding economic policy must be overcome.
C) Just when Europe was heading towards political unity, various doubts regarding economic policy came to the surface.
D) If Europe could have achieved political unity, doubts regarding economic policy would not have emerged.
E) If only Europe could have achieved political unity, economic unity would, doubtless, have followed easily.

42-46. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
42. Director: We're being hit badly by the recession.
Consultant: _____
Director: Well, what do you suggest?
Consultant: Boost the exports.
A) I know. And something must be done about it quickly.
B) Stop worrying! There's nothing we can do.
C) Yes, everyone is saying the same. Let's reduce the work force.
D) They should raise the interest rates at once.
E) I only hope there won't be another general strike.

43. Under-secretary: We have received reports that the epidemic is spreading in the area.
Minister: Then we must take immediate action.
Under-secretary: _____
Minister: Yes, do that.
A) But we're short of medical staff there.
B) Then I'll give the orders for doctors and medical supplies to be sent there right away.
C) It seems the children are suffering most.
D) We have already flown in adequate supplies of food and blankets.
E) Who else do you think we could consult?

44. Mrs Smart: How is Barry getting on in his new job?
Mrs Palmer: Well, he doesn't complain, but clearly he finds it very tiring.
Mrs Smart: ____
Mrs Palmer: Yes, I suppose you're right.
A) Can't his uncle help him to a job in the bank?
B) Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
C) He's only complaining because he wants some sympathy.
D) That's only natural. He hasn't had time yet to get used to the work.
E) What's the salary like? Is it worth it?

45. Alan: Have you read Blake's review of the play in The Times?
David: Yes, I have. And I think it's most unfair.
Alan: ____
David: Well, that just shows he hasn't understood the least thing about the play.
A) Of course it was. That's what one expects of review by Blake
B) I have too. It will be interesting to see what other critics say
C) Well, I don't know. In my opinion, it's the best play he's written to date
D) Do you really? I don't know what he really intends to achieve.
E) So do I. His comments on the artificiality of the dialogue in particular are quite unacceptable

46. Telephone receptionist: Bengo Kitchen Equipment. Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, there's something wrong with the fridge I bought from you last year.
Telephone receptionist: ____
Customer: Thank you very much.
A) How long is it since you had it serviced?
B) Have you kept the guarantee?
C) Please explain carefully just exactly what the problem is.
D) Then, I'll put you through to the Servicing Department.
E) That's strange, there's never been a complaint about them before.

47-51. sorularda, parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
47. _____ . The feudal lords in England had always run their own law courts and profited by the fines paid by those brought to court. But King John took many cases out of their courts and tried them in his own, taking the money for himself.
A) King John always had the full support of the feudal lords
B) The administration of justice in Medieval England was completely centralized
C) King John who lived in the 13th century, was unpopular mainly because he was greedy
D) Medieval economy in England was based on agriculture
E) The history of the British Parliament goes back to the signing of Magna Carta

48. The most important ideas of the 19th century was that everyone had the right to personal freedom which was the basis of capitalism. This idea had spread widely through Adam Smith's book Wealth of Nations, written in the 18th century. _____ . Fewer laws, they claimed, meant more freedom, and freedom for individuals would lead to happiness for the greatest number of people.
A) The British government at this time was reluctant to make use of his ideas
B) The result was a number of laws were passed to prevent people carrying guns
C) Obviously Adam Smith was well informed about working conditions in the factories
D) After Adam Smith, several capitalist economists argued that governments should not interfere in trade and industry at all
E) By the turn of the 20th century, capitalism had grown less popular outside England

49. For centuries, scientists and philosophers have speculated on the structure of the universe and the existence of galaxies outside our own. But until the 20th century, they were able to do no more than speculate. ____ . Using grant telescopes, ultraviolet and infrared instruments, and high speed computers, they are studying the formation of galaxies for further insights into the nature of cosmos.
A) Meanwhile, the study of other galaxies has led to an extraordinary insight into the possible structure of the universe
B) We know, of course, that the universe is designed on a scale far more grand
C) After decades of speculation, in fact, we have started to penetrate to the very center of our own galaxy
D) Now, however, scientists have determined that the universe is made up of thousands of millions of galaxies
E) They have located regions that are very much disturbed with hot turbulent gases swirling at great force about the center

50. The word "psychology' was coined by the ancient Greeks as a label for their philosophic probings into the human "psyche". ____ . But how does this go about studying the mind scientifically? Science implies measurement. How does one measure something which can neither be seen nor heard nor touched?
A) This is why psychology has come to be known as the study of behavior
B) It is not the only discipline that is concerned with a systematic study of behavior
C) All of these disciplines are rightly regarded as behavioral sciences
D) Sociology, on the other hand, is devoted in largest part to the nature and development of human society
E) Gradually it came to mean the study of the "mind", and still, in part, retains that meaning.

51. In recent years remarkable results have been achieved in the field of organ transplants. Formerly, a genetically alien tissue could not be transplanted. ____ . This is now no longer the case.
A) Naturally the future of the medicine will be affected greatly by developments in organ transplants
B) We are familiar with it as the response of the body to an infectious germ
C) Actually the body generates an army of antibodies to fight off the invading germs
D) Eventually, it will be possible to transplant any organ from one person to another
E) Plastic surgery used to depend on using the skin or tissues of the patient himself or of a genetically identical twin

47-51 sorularda, anlam bakımından hangi cümlenin parçaya uymadığını bulunuz.
52. (I) Fairs were first established in Medieval times as a means of bringing traders and customers together at stated places and periods. (II) Among the earliest examples were those of Winchester and Stourbridge in England. (III) To these fairs came traders from the Continent and the Baltic region. (IV) Today's fairs are of a different nature, being largely expositions of high technology. (V) They did business with the English merchants, and goods of every kind were exchanged.
A) I
E) V

53. (I) The government of the USA work upon a written constitution. (II) The constitution was framed when the USA came into existence as a republic out of the federation of thirteen states. (III) It was adopted in 1789. (IV) The USA government has always followed a policy of peaceful coexistence in the world. (V) Its strength has been well tested and is now the foundation of a federation which comprises fifty states.
A) I
E) V

54. (I) Throughout the Middle Ages Christian Europe launched many allied expeditions against the Muslim rule in Spain to bring it to an end. (II) Historically the ancient palace of the Muslim rulers at Granada in Spain is called "Alhambra". (III) Originally, it was designed, built, and developed into an architectural masterpiece in the 13th and 14th centuries. (IV) Unfortunately, the stylistic uniformity of the palace was spoiled when in the 16th century Charles V turned part of it into a modern residence. (V) However, the most beautiful parts of the interior, including the Court of Alberca and the Court of Lions, have survived and preserve their original charm.
A) I
E) V

55. (I) "Flying saucers" is the name given to saucer-like shapes which have, on occasion, been seen traveling through the atmosphere. (II) For some time speculation was rife, especially in America, as to what they were. (III) So it is time they were taken seriously and studied scientifically. (IV) Now, however, it is believed that they are nothing more than atmospheric phenomena. (V) That is to say they are as unreal as mirages or mock suns caused by unusual atmospheric conditions.
D) IV E) V

56. (I) In general, the term "abstract art" is used to describe new movements and techniques in plastic arts in the 20th century. (II) The underlying principle of this art is that it is not the subject at all but form and colour which really possess aesthetic value. (III) Obviously, we cannot disregard the fact that the vitality of art throughout history is closely bound up with some form of religion. (IV) Most art historians suggest that the Impressionists, especially Cezanne, can be considered to be the pioneers of this art. (V) Also, there are some who strongly argue that the origins of abstract art are to be sought in the designs of primitive people as well as folk art.
D) IV E) V

57-59 soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

In 1964 the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development was held. For the first time the poorer nations of the world came together to act as a pressure group on trading matters. The Conference made the following recommendations. The Developing countries should be given free access to world markets for their manufactures and semi manufactures by the elimination of quotas and tariffs. International commodity agreements should be made for each major primary commodity in world trade to stabilise commodity prices. Moreover, compensation schemes, whereby the underdeveloped countries are compensated for the declining prices of their primary products, were recommended for consideration. The Conference also resolved that the developed countries should aim to provide at least 1 per cent of their national income as aid for the underdeveloped countries.

57. As can be understood from the passage, the 1964 United nations Conference on Trade and Development was remarkable because ____
A) the developing countries now had the chance, for the first time, to have free access to the markets of the developed countries.
B) it failed to formulate a policy that would ensure the stabilisation of world commodity prices.
C) all the demands of the underdeveloped countries were accepted without reservation by the developed countries.
D) a number of deadlines were set for the signing of international commodity agreements.
E) the world's poorer countries participating in the Conference took joint action to influence the resolutions on trading matters.

58. With reference to this Conference, one development mentioned in the passage was that ____
A) each country was to benefit from compensation schemes.
B) the idea of compensation schemes came to the fore.
C) developed countries should not benefit from compensation schemes.
D) compensation schemes were to be put into effect as soon as possible.
E) the poorer countries should be compensated for their general trade deficits.

59. From the passage we learn that one of the resolutions adopted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ____
A) was soon revoked due to strong pressure coming from underdeveloped member countries.
B) considerably raised the world trade tariffs on a variety of commodities.
C) concerned the amount of aid to be given by the developed countries to the underdeveloped.
D) envisaged a step-by-step lifting of the world's trade barriers.
E) made it imperative for the developed countries to open up their markets to the manufactured goods of the underdeveloped countries

60-62. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The dramatic growth of the world's population in the twentieth century has been on a scale without parallel in human history. Most of this growth has occurred since 1950 and is known as the population 'explosion'. Between 1950 and 1980 the world population increased from 2,5 to over 4 billion, and by the end of the century this figure will have risen to at least 6 billion. Growth of this size cannot continue indefinitely. Recent forecasts suggest that the total population will level-out at between 10 and 15 billion in the mid twenty-first century. Already there are encouraging signs that the rate of increase in many less developed countries is beginning to slow down.
60. According to the passage, at no period in human history has there been ____ .
A) so much consensus among nations concerning the population of the world
B) a sharp decline in population like the one since 1980
C) a universal fear about the future of man
D) as comprehensive a study of population problems as the one envisaged now
E) a population explosion of the magnitude of the one in this century

61. It is pointed out in the passage that the increase in the world population ____ .
A) is a highly encouraging sign for the general economy
B) is expected to continue even faster until 2050
C) will not continue into the next century
D) has been going on noticeably since 1950
E) has been much faster in the industrialized countries

62. It has been forecast that, by the middle of the next century ____
A) various measures will have been taken to encourage population growth
B) the population growth rate in less developed countries will be much higher than that in previous years
C) the world population will be stabilized at around 10 to 15 billion
D) the rate of increase will still be rising
E) the rate of population increase will have doubled the 1950 rate

63-65 soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Real-depression cannot be as easily overcome as some people often suppose. It usually passes with time - but the time can seem endless. Activities giving companionship and a new interest can help. But for the sufferer to talk, again and again, about the causes of the depression helps most. People with depression need to be listened to and encouraged to find their own solutions, not made to feel yet more inadequate by good advice. They may need professional counselling as well as the support of family and friends.

63. In overcoming depression the support of friends and family ____
A) can best be directed into giving good advice
B) is the only solution
C) may cause more harm than good
D) never contributes to any improvement in the patient
E) is not always sufficient

64. The writer suggests that people with depression ____
A) should not be allowed much social activity
B) should rely solely on professional counselling
C) need, more than anything else, someone to listen to them
D) ought to remain alienated from society for a long time
E) receive an unnecessary amount of sympathy

65. According to the passage some people ____ .
A) seem to underestimate how difficult it is to get over depression
B) suffer from depression over long periods of time
C) refuse to get professional counselling
D) suffering from depression have been cured through the good advice of friends
E) with depression don't want to talk about their problems

66-68. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Those who visit the Mediterranean are invariably impressed with its unity. Everywhere it is the same, for the shades of difference here is less important than the resemblances. Yet this unity is the result of aggressive contrast; sea and mountain, sea and desert, sea and ocean! In these respects the Mediterranean is very different from either central Europe, or high tablelands of Asia, the Syrian and Saharan deserts, or even the Atlantic Ocean.

66. What distinguishes the Mediterranean from the other parts of the world is ____ .
A) that it is characterized by high tablelands
B) the fact that the landscape varies greatly from part to part
C) that it is surrounded by vast deserts
D) the combination of features, everywhere, is the same
E) that it is attracting more and more visitors

67. According to the passage, within the general unity of the Mediterranean ____ .
A) the deserts of Syria and the Sahara have their special place
B) the contrast between the sea and the desert is exceptional
C) one is also aware of startling contrast
D) some people find a depressing monotony
E) there is very little that appeals to the eye

68. It is stressed in the passage that the Mediterranean ____ .
A) extensively resembles the rest of the world
B) is, in many ways, similar to central Europe
C) has an endless changing coastline
D) is the most crowded part of the world
E) makes the same impression on all visitors to the area

69-71. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Dates and periods are necessary to the study and discussion of history, for all historical phenomena are conditioned by time and are produced by the sequence of events. Periods especially, are retrospective conceptions that we form about past events; they are useful to focus discussion, but very often they lead historical thought astray. Thus, while it is certainly useful to speak of the Middle Ages and of the Victorian Age, those two abstract ideas have deluded many scholars and millions of newspaper readers into supposing that during certain decades called the Middle Ages, and again during certain decades called Age of Victoria, everyone thought or acted more or less in the same way- till at last Victoria died or the Middle Ages came to an end. But in fact there was no such sameness.

69. The author argues that, contrary to common assumption, the behaviour of people _____ .
A) was more uniform in the Middle Ages than in the Victorian Age
B) was not uniform, at all, in any given period
C) is a subject that should also be studied by historians
D) in any given period is always the same
E) is unrelated to the age they live in

70. The division of history into periods _____
A) is both useful and deceptive
B) is avoided by modern historians
C) was rejected in the Victorian Age
D) has been in use since the Middle Ages
E) serves no useful purpose at all

71. According to the passage, the study of history _____
A) began in the Middle Ages and reached its height in the Victorian Age
B) has changed greatly in our time
C) requires a knowledge of dates and periods
D) includes a great variety of interrelated subjects
E) should concentrate on the reconstruction of past events

72-74. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The effects of sleep loss are subject to a number of popular misconceptions. The belief that everyone must sleep 8 hours a night is a myth. According to the results of a recent survey on the subject, adults average about 7 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep per night, and many individuals function effectively with 5 to 6 hours of sleep. In fact, 20 percent of the population (slightly more in men) sleep less than 6 hours per night. Another significant fact is that sleep time decreases with age.

72. According to the passage, the popular assumption that eight hours of sleep per night is essential _____ .
A) is only true for the elderly
B) has been supported by scientific evidence
C) is actually a fallacy
D) is only true for 20 percent of the population
E) is very rarely disputed

73. The survey referred to in the passage indicates that as people get older and older _____
A) they sleep less and less
B) they require more sleep than formerly
C) their sleep time varies between 7 and 8 hours
D) they rarely sleep less than 7 hours
E) sleep loss ceases to be a problem

74. It is pointed out in the passage that a sleep time under 8 hours _____ .
A) is not recommended in the survey
B) invariably leads to noticeable inefficiency
C) does not necessarily reduce a person's efficiency
D) causes a number of complications in old people
E) is common among women but not among men

75-77. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Economic dynamics have decisively shifted from the national economy. From now on, any country and also any business, especially a large one that wants to prosper will have to accept that it is the world economy that leads and that domestic economic policies will succeed only if they strengthen or at least do not impair the country's international competitive position. This may be the most important - it surely is the most striking - feature of the changed world economy.

75. The writer explains that one significant development in economy has been ____
A) the stress on the importance of domestic economic policies.
B) the growing importance of national economic policies.
C) a keener competition between domestic and international companies.
D) that national economics are now closely interrelated with the world economy
E) the decline of competition in home markets.

76. From the passage it seems that for a country to achieve economic prosperity, it ____ .
A) has to encourage and support big corporations
B) must protect itself from new dynamics in domestic economy.
C) has to think and plan in terms of world economy
D) must be ruthless in economic policies
E) must create competition within the domestic market.

77. The passage deals with ____ .
A) the growing importance of internationalism in the field of economics.
B) the dangers of foreign competition in trade.
C) the dynamics in the implementation of domestic economic policies.
D) the question of how big business can influence the world economy negatively.
E) some of the more striking features of the current economic policies.

78-80. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

A great many books have been written on computers, computer programming languages, particularly Fortran. To produce another book on Fortran, even the newest Fortran IV, probably seems unreasonable to most, and it is with mild trepidation that, I, the author, embark on this project. However, several good reasons can be stated for doing just that. Most computer professionals will agree that the field of computer and information science has quickly become a valid discipline for academia and that rapid changes are occurring in computer programming languages. Both of these facts demand that a new direction be taken in presenting the subject.

78. From the passage we understand that the writer is somewhat apprehensive in case ____ .
A) computer sales should drop sharply
B) developments in computer programming will become more and more costly
C) his book will be felt, by many people, to be superfluous
D) computer programming should be taken over by professionals
E) programming languages should become far more complicated

79. According to the passage, publications on computer technology ____ .
A) are only concerned with Fortran computer programming
B) have already reached a very high number
C) are brought out by academia for academia
D) invariably cause a great deal of public reaction
E) are largely repetitive and very costly

80. The writer of this passage feels that his new book on Fortran is justified because ____ .
A) computer science is a new science with little relevant literature
B) computer professionals have not as yet recognized the changes taking place in computer science
C) it will boost the sale of computers throughout the world
D) it introduces a new approach to computer programming languages
E) it will change the concept of computer science among academia

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