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Mayıs 2002 KPDS'nin Soru ve Cevaplarının Bir Kısmı

15 Nisan 2003 00:00
Aşağıda 5 Mayıs 2002 tarihinde yapılan KPDS Sınavının 1-31 arasındaki soruları ve cevapları bulunmaktadır.

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(presented by The LORD)

1. Now that formal __________ has been given by the government, the project team can be recruited.
a) reference
c) approval
Doğru cevap: C

2. Certain new findings suggest that young calvas may be more __________ than older cows to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
a) relactant
b) hazardous
c) intimate
d) succeptable
e) relative
Doğru cevap: D

3. Champions of the green movement regard the internal combustion machines as one of the biggest __________ in history.
a) disasters
b) rejections
c) admissions
d) denials
e) illusions
Doğru cevap: A

4. The distinction between a language and a dialect is a __________ difficult one.
a) precisely
b) notoriously
c) compulsively
d) suitably
e) flexibly
Doğru cevap: A

5. Japan is often __________ as an example of a country that has managed to keep its national defence orientated industries entirely separate from foreign-owned companies.
Doğru cevap: cited

6. The general feeling in the court was that several of the witnesses were __________ information that could have a direct bearing upon the case.
a) expressing
b) witholding
c) avoiding
d) disrupting
e) declining
Doğru cevap: B

7. The population of the underdeveloped contries is growing so fast that the agricultural activities there are unable to __________ the progresively rising demand for food.

a) keep up with
b) make sure of
c) look out for
d) bring up
e) sort out
Doğru cevap: A

8. Among the Maori of New England, each community has develped its own way of __________ crimes and has chosen a number of different punishments to watch them.
a) holding up
b) coming along
c) dealing with
d) paying for
e) taking over
Doğru cevap: C

9. He insisted that mountaineering __________ a sport for him, but a passion that __________ his whole life.
a) hadn't been/would dominate
b) isn't/has dominated
c) hasn't been/is dominating
d) wouldn't be/is dominating
e) wasn't/had dominated
Doğru cevap: ???? E

10. The judges of the International tribunal at the Hague __________ , on 1st February 2002, that charges relating to all three wars __________ together.
a) would agree/had been heard
b) have agreed/have been heard
c) were agreed/will be heard
d) agreed/would be heard
e) had agreed/were heard
Doğru cevap: D

11. When he moved from Ethiopia where he __________, to England, his experience __________ quite unlike those of his comtemporaries school.
a) had been born/were
b) is born/will be
c) would be born/would be
d) has been born/are
e) was born/will be
Doğru cevap: A

12. It is not considered safe to leave your computer on when you're not in the office, so __________ do so.
a) don't have to
b) mustn't
c) needn't
d) haven't got to
e) don't need to
Doğru cevap: B

13. If she __________ to the interview more positive state of mind, she __________ a better impression.
a) will go/would make
b) goes/has made
c) had gone/might have had
d) would go/had made
e) has gone/makes
Doğru cevap: C

14. The traditional idea that Asia was the cradle __________ primeval man has had to be modified __________ the light of the discovery of human fossils of great antiquity in Africa.
a) to/over
b) for/from
c) by/under
d) from/within
e) of/in
Doğru cevap: E

15. Naturally I was rather disappointed __________ the results of the experiment, but actually I wasn't really surprised __________ them.
Doğru cevap: with/at

16. When the personnel manager announced that everybody had to do overtime, because they were __________ schedule, this caused a great deal of ill will __________ the staff.
a) near/for
c) back/from
e) behind/among
Doğru cevap: E

17. Little is known about life on the ocean floor __________ scientists have only recently developed the technologoy for exploring it.
a) yet
c) though
d) whereas
Doğru cevap: B

18.Of the company's three accountants, only one is useful; __________ deserve to be sent away.
a) they both
b) all the others
c) both the others
d) each one
e)each of them
Doğru cevap: B

19. A young sociologist __________ article was published in the National Geographic had travelled 1700 miles across Australia's western Wilderness.
a) whose
c) that
d) which
e) whom
Doğru cevap: A

20. The impression I got was that the director has completely given up __________ hopes he may at one time have cherished.

a) as many
b) such
c) every
d) any
e) so many
Doğru cevap: E

21. The evolution of a parliamentary democracy __________ came about over a long weriod of time and __________ then the process was a rough one.
a) simply/as
b) only/ever
c) hardly/since
d) just/up to
e) really/so
Doğru cevap: C

22. The post is mine__________ I agree to stay away with the firm for at least three years.
a) in case
b) conditionally
c) if
d) whether
e) accordingly
Doğru cevap: C

23. They are in no way responsible: we must face the fact that we have only __________ to blame.
a) itself
b) ours
c) them
d) themselves
e) ourselves
Doğru cevap: E

24. The micro air vehicles they are working on are __________ small that it will be almost impossible to detect them with radar.
a) too
b) as
c) such
d) so
e) more
Doğru cevap: D

25. Some large-scale manufacturers have retail shops of their own __________________________________ .

Doğru cevap A. Where comsumers buying can be studied at close quarters.

26. Kerrich carried out exhaustive experiments in probabability__________________________________ .
Doğru cevap D. While he was interned in a camp in Jutland for the duration of the war.

27. The manual workers in the automobile factory are threatening to go on strike__________________________________.
Doğru cevap A. If they do not receive an adequate pay rise.

28. The evacuation of the World Trade Center Towers might have been easier __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap C. If the multiple stairways had not all been in the central core of the building.

29. After he had learned my side of the story from Mary, __________________________________.
Doğru cevap B. He phoned me to apologize for his attitude.

30. Despite the great concern for leardership and the large amount of writings about it __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap E. There is relatively little agreement between ............. .

31. Though every industrial development project is a potential source of pollution __________________________________ .
Doğru cevap C. Careful advance planning can minimize ..........
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