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2005 Mayıs KPDS Soruları

26 Mayıs 2005 00:19
Diğer sınavlarda olduğu KPDS yabancı dil sınav soru ve cevaplarına da, ÖSYM tarafından Devlet sırrı muamelesi yapılmakta ve yayınlanmamaktadır. Ancak, ÖSYM bu soruların çok gizli ve ele geçirilemeyeceğini düşenedursun, 2005 yılı Mayıs ayı KPDS sınavı soru ve cevapları bir internet sitesi tarafından yayımlanmıştır. 100 sorudan 95'i cevapları ile birlikte internet sitesine aktarılmıştır. Soru ve cevapları görmek için başlığa tıklayın.

1. Unless you use your computer ?-, you can't expect it to function well

A) surely
B) particularly
C) recently
D) properly
E) soundly

2. In China's largest psychiatric facility there is a serious lack of resources but the staff try hard to ?- this in their treatment of the patients.

A) come up with
B) go in for
C) put up with
D) set oat for
E) make up for

3. It's worth remembering that his ?- of the downward trends in output over recent years is not the only one.

A) interpretation
B) departure
C) compliance
D) discretion
E) intention

4. The Gulf countries have achieved substantial progress ?- regional integration ?- the past 20 years.

A) through / of
B) into / with
C) for / on
D) over / by
E) towards / over

5. In the case of opera, the benefits of being able to experience the whole production from the comfort of your armchair are very ?-.

A) subtle
B) demonstrative
C) deliberate
D) excessive
E) attractive

6. The analysis of a story ? its central conflict is likely to be 'especially fruitful, for it rapidly takes us to what is truly ?- issue in the story.

A) by / over
B) from / with
C) through / at
D) with / about
E) towards / above

7. For the control of the deadly brain disease in cows (BSE), surveillance is being stepped up in Canada, but the US claims to be testing enough cattle already to ?- the risk.

A) assert
B) assess
C) consult
D) exceed
E) discourage

8. In Kuwait, foreign companies are presently taxed at 55 per cent of profits, whereas the Kuwaitis themselves pay ?- or ?- tax depending on their status.

A) less / least
B) little / no
C) more / less
D) few / fewer
E) less / none

9. Slow-motion photography can reveal things that happen ?- fast for the human eye to see.

A) more
B) as
C) than
D) too
E) such

10. He ?- in a line of work that was dependent solely on his ability to win the trust of others, and one in which very close relationships ?- necessary.

A) was engaged / were
B) would have been engaged / will be
C) will be engaged / could be
D) had been engaged / are
E) is engaged / would be

11. The term "radical", in politics, refers to anyone with opinions ?- extreme ?- the main current of a country's major political party or parties.

A) so / as
B) more / than
C) only / that
D) not only / but also
E) either / or

12. The auditing of accounts means the official inspection of a company's accounts by a qualified accountant, and this ?- by law each year.

A) had been required
B) requires
C) is required
D) required
E) would have been required

13. Applicants ?- the ability to work well in a multicultural environment and ?- to work to tight deadlines.

A) have had / had been able
B) should have / be able
C) must have / were able
D) will have / had had
E) could have / have had

14. Old Danish, one of the languages of the Vikings who ?- in parts of Britain during the 9th to 11 centuries, ?- a strong influence on the development of English.

A) have settled / had had
B) had settled/would have
C) settle/has
D) settled/had
E) would settle / will have

15. One day humans ?- on Mars if US President Bush's recently announced plans -? to fruition.

A) could be walking / come
B) would walk / had come
C) can be walking /will come
D) would have walked / come
E) will be walking / might come

16. 20. sorularda, asağıdaki parçada numaralanmıs yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

I was at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall last week to hear an all-Byrd programme performed to a packed hall. This would have been unimaginable (16) ? 20 years ago. Not surprisingly, a good (17) ? of the audience applauded in the wrong places. I regard this as good news (18) ? bad news. This was a new audience (19) ? to a concert hall by CD recordings and I (20) ? the experience of being a part of it.






A)apart from
B)so long as
C)rather than
D)in addition to


B)having been attracted
C)having attracted
D)to attract



21. ? 25. sorularda, asağıdaki parçada numaralanmıs yerlere uygun düsen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

James Joyce was born in Dublin of a middle-class Catholic family. (21) ? his mother was a devout Catholic, his father was a man who was opposed to the Church and fiercely objected to the interference (22) -? the Catholic clergy in Irish politics. Joyce attended Clongowes Wood College for several years, but (23) ? to leave when his family fell upon increasing economic hardship. Then, he attended a Christian Brothers school, Belvedere College and later University College Dublin, where he (24) ? modern European languages. He left Ireland for Paris but returned to Dublin for a short while (25) ? learning that his mother was dying.

C)As if


23.  A)was forced
B)is forced
C)has been forced
D)would have forced
E)would be forced



26.The building of the Toshka canal in Egypt was carefully planned ?.

A)if the inlet starts at a point 8 km north of Toshka bay
B)as the mistakes made in earlier canals had proved costly
C)as if the desert could become green
D)until the amount of water required was agreed on
E)that wealthy investors could easily be found

27.There has been a decrease in deaths from motor vehicle crashes over recent years, ?.

A)since speed limits would be lowered
B)which is partly due to improved safety features in cars
C)if there were public intolerance of drinking and driving
D)as there has been improved safety design in occupational machinery
E)in which improved medical care had played a part

28.This conductor offers an orchestral balance quite unlike ?.

A)as if some string passages almost get lost
B)as you simply do not hear the violins as the "main line" of the music
C)what we are used to
D)that he adds something of his own
E)since the work is hardly recognizable

29.We are determined to give the contract to an architect ?.

A)since a great many problems had already arisen
B)whose handling of the interiors was outstanding
C)who is committed to environmentally responsible design
D)until we learn the kind of garden that is possible
E)if their requirements were even slightly unusual

30.The name "dolphin" is generally applied to species with a beaklike snout and slender body,-- .

A)as it is dark above and white below, with bands of grey, white and yellow on the sides
B)which also had included porpoises
C)but there are also some freshwater forms which are largely confined to rivers in Asia, Africa and South America
D)whereas the name "porpoise" is reserved for the smaller species with a blunt snout and stocky body
E)though dolphins cannot actually smile

31.If the company is to invest in long-term growth, ----- .

A)the main aim is nevertheless to improve customer relations
B)there was still a need for short-term profits
C)it will clearly have to sacrifice short-term profits
D)a new sales force is already being trained
E)the investment would ultimately yield a return

32.Although microeconomic theories try to explain how large numbers of firms act in the marketplace, ?.

A)economists faced several unique problems
B)they are quite poor at describing or predicting the actual behaviour of any one particular real-world firm
C)managers try to minimize inventory costs, meet production schedules and devise diverse product mixes
D)behavioural theories had been far more descriptive and predictive of the behaviour of individual firms and managers
E)its primary aim is to promote organizational values and interests

33.? even though certain difficult economic conditions prevail.

A)European equities display strong profit growth
B)In 2004, the European economy remained fundamentally sound
C)Inflation had actually begun to improve
D)There were several other encouraging signs
E)It should have been easy to maintain the competitiveness

34.?- when the occupancy levels in the hotel fall off steeply.

A)There are no profits to be made during the cold winter months
B)The hotel regained its five-star rating in 1996
C)The rebuilt Star has retained the original shell, but scarcely any of the fittings
D)Training schemes were receiving even greater attention
E)Outside temperatures reached 50°C

35.? that makes his job worthwhile.

A)Hopefully, you'll hear things you never heard before
B)For the orchestra, it is the dedication of the conductor
C)In the first place, there must be an audience
D)For the conductor, it is the possibility of making new discoveries
E)Indeed, he has approached every piece of music in this way

36. -40. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakin Turkce cümleyi bulunuz.

36. Despite the explosion of stock-market wealth over the last decade, the most valuable asset most Americans own is their home.

A)Çoğu Amerikalının, sahip olduğu evi en değerli varlık olarak görmesi, geçen on yıl içinde borsa da servet patlaması yaşanmasını engellemedi.

B)Gecen on yıl içinde borsadan edinilen servet patlamasından pay alan Amerikaların çoğu için, evi
hala en değerli varlığıdır.

C)Çoğu Amerikalı, son on yılda borsadan edindiği büyük servetin yanı sıra, evini de en değerli varlık olarak görmektedir.

D)Evlerini en değerli varlıkları olarak kabul eden pek çok Amerikalı için son on yılda borsada da
bir servet patlaması oldu.

E)Geçen on yıl içinde borsadan edinilen servet patlamasına rağmen, çoğu Amerikalının sahip olduğu en değerli varlık evidir.

37. During the Gulf War in 1991, the Iraqi troops caused the worst ever man-made environmental disaster by setting fire to 650 of Kuwait's 950 oil wells.

A)İnsan tarafından şimdiye kadar oluşturulmuş çevre felaketlerinden biri, 1991'deki Körfez Savaşı sırasında Irak birliklerinin Kuveyt'in 950 petrol kuyusundan 650'sini ateşe vermesiyle meydana gelmiştir.

B)1991'deki Körfez Savaşı sırasında, Irak birlikleri­nin Kuveyt'e ait 950 petrol kuyusundan 650'sini
yakması, şimdiye kadar insandan kaynaklanan en korkunç cevre felaketlerinden biriyle sonuçlandı.          

C)1991'deki Körfez Savaşı sırasında, Irak birlikleri Kuveyt'in 950 petrol kuyusundan 650'sini ateşe
vererek insan tarafından şimdiye kadar oluşturulmuş en kötü cevre felaketine neden oldular.

D)İnsandan kaynaklanmış en korkunç cevre felaketi 1991'deki Körfez Savaşı sırasında meydana
gelmiştir; çünkü bu savaşta Irak güçleri Kuveyt'in 950 petrol kuyusundan en az 650'sini ateşe vermiştir.

E)1991 yılında yalnız Körfez Savaşı'ndan dolayı değil, bu savaş sırasında Irak güçlerinin Kuveyt'e
ait 950 petrol kuyusundan 650'sini ateşe vermesi yüzünden de insan tarafından şimdiye kadar
oluşturulmuş en korkunç cevre felaketi yaşanmıştır.

38. A barometer measures air pressure, and if you watch the weather forecasts you will see that an increase in air pressure often signals fair weather, whereas a drop in air pressure may mean that a storm is on the way.


A)Barometre hava basıncını ölçer ve hava tahminlerini izlerseniz, hava basıncındaki bir artışın çoğu kez iyi havaya işaret ettiğini, ancak hava basıncındaki bir düşmenin ise fırtınanın yolda olduğu anlamına gelebildiğini görürsünüz.

B)Barometrenin hava basıncını olduğunu biliyorsanız, hava tahminlerini izlediğinizde hava basıncındaki bir artışın çoğu kez iyi havanın, basınçtaki bir düşmenin de fırtınanın yaklaştığının habercisi olduğunu anlarsınız.

C)Hava basıncı barometreyle ölçülür ve hava tahminlerinde genellikle, hava basıncı artarsa hava­ nin iyi olacağı, basınçta bir düşme meydana gelirse fırtınanın yolda olabileceği söylenir.

D)Hava tahminlerini izleyenler, barometrenin hava basıncını ölçtüğünü ve hava basıncı artarsa iyi havanın, düşerse de genellikle fırtınanın yolda olduğunu bilirler.

E)Hava basıncı barometreyle ölçülür ve hava tahminlerinde hava basıncındaki bir artışın çoğu kez iyi havaya, basınçtaki bir düşmenin ise fırtınanın yolda olduğuna işaret ettiği söylenir.

39. The Aryans who invaded India from the northwest in about 1500 B.C. found a land there that was already home to an advanced civilization.

A)İleri bir uygarlığı zaten barındırmakta olan Hindistan'ı, M.O. 1500 yıllarında Ariler kuzeybatıdan
istila etmişlerdir.

B)Ariler, ileri bir uygarlığa çok önceden beri ev sahipliği yapan bir ülke olarak buldukları Hindistan'ı, M.6. 1500 yıllarında kuzeybatıdan işgal ettiler.

C)Zaten ileri bir uygarlığın vatani olan Hindistan, M.O. 1500'lerde kuzeybatısından Ari istilasına

D)Ariler, Hindistan'ı M.O. 1500 dolayında işgal etmişler ve orayı ileri bir uygarlığın vatani olarak

E)Hindistan'ı M.O. 1500 dolayında kuzeybatıdan istila eden Ariler, orada, ileri bir uygarlığı zaten
barındırmakta olan bir ülke buldular.

40. Incontrast to the majority of American astronauts, Valentina Tereshkova, tho first woman cosmonaut who went to space, was a textile factory worker when she entered the Soviet space programme.

A)Amerikalı astronotların çoğunluğunun tersine, uzaya giden ilk kadın kozmonot Valentina
Tereskhkova, Sovyet uzay programına girdiğinde bir tekstil fabrikası işçisiydi.

B)Amerikalı meslektaşlarından farklı olarak, Valentina Tereshkova Sovyet uzay programına
girmeden önce bir tekstil fabrikasında isçiydi; fakat, uzaya giden ilk kadın kozmonot olmayı başardı.

C)Uzaya giden ilk kadın kozmonot Valentina Tereshkova'nin Amerikalı meslektaşlarının coşkunluğuna benzemeyişinin başlıca nedeni, Sovyet uzay programına girdiğinde bir tekstil fabrikası isçisi olmasıdır.

D)Uzaya giden ilk kadın kozmonot olan Valentina Tereshkova, Amerikalı meslektaşlarından çok
farklıydı ve bir tekstil fabrikası işçisi olmasına karşın, Sovyet uzay programına girebilmişti.

E)Bir tekstil fabrikası işçisiyken Sovyet uzay programına giren Valentina Tereshkova, uzaya giden
ilk kadın kozmonot olarak Amerikalı astronotların çoğundan farklıydı.

41.-45. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakin İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

41. İngiltere ve Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti, iki yıl süren sıkı müzakerelerden sonra, Hong Kong'un 1 Temmuz 1997'de Cin egemenliğine dönmesi hususunda anlaştılar.

A)Much arduous bargaining was needed before Britain and the People's Republic of China agreed that Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997.

B)It took two years of painstaking negotiation before Britain could agree with the People's Republic of China that Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997.

C)On 1 July 1997, after twayears of prolonged negotiation, it was finally agreed between Britain
and the People's Republic of China that Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty.

D)The question of whether Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997
was finally agreed on after much arduous bargaining between Britain and the People's
Republic of China.

E)After two years of painstaking negotiation, Britain and the People's Republic of China agreed that
Hong Kong would return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997.

42. Farklı konumdaki bireylerin farklı özellikleri olduğundan, kaynak ve ödüllerin nasıl dağıtılacağına ilişkin görüşlerinde de doğal olarak farklılıklar vardır 

A)Since individuals in different positions have different interests and attributes, they naturally
have differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed.

B)It is only natural that there should be differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed, as people in different positions have different interests and attributes.

C)Obviously, among individuals in different positions with different interests and attributes,
there will be differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed.

D)Since individuals in different positions have different interests and attributes, it is only natural that they should disagree about how resources and rewards can be distributed.

E)Individuals in different positions, with different interests and attributes, will obviously disagree about what is the fair distribution of resources and rewards. 

43. Altin Gana'nın en büyük döviz kaynağı olduğu için, dalgalanan altın fiyatları ülkenin ekonomisini felç etmiştir.

A)The crippling of Ghana's economy is the result of the fluctuating gold prices as gold is the
country's primary source of foreign exchange.

B)As gold is still Ghana's largest source of foreign exchange, the country's economy is being badly affected by the fluctuating price of gold.

C)Fluctuating gold prices would inevitably cripple Ghana's economy as gold is Ghana's major source of foreign exchange.

D)As gold is Ghana's largest source of foreign exchange, fluctuating gold prices have crippled
the country's economy.

E)If gold were Ghana's primary source of foreign exchange, the country's economy would be
badly affected by the fluctuating price of gold.

44. Atmosferdeki oksijenin yaklaşık % 20'sl Amazon yağmur ormanlarındaki dev ağaçlar tarafından üretilir ve bu miktar, ayni alan kadar çimenin üreteceğinden çok daha fazladır.

A) Because of the giant trees, the Amazonian rain forests can produce 20% of the oxygen in the
atmosphere, which is a great deal more than a similar area of grassland can produce.

B)The giant trees of the Amazonian rain forests actually produce 20% of the oxygen in the
atmosphere; the same area of grass could not produce quite so much.

C)On their own, the Amazonian rain forests, with their giant trees, are responsible for at least 20%
of the oxygen in the atmosphere, which is a far greater amount than a similar area of grassland
could produce.

D)About 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by the giant trees of the Amazonian
rain forests, and this amount is much more than the same area of grass would produce.

E)While the giant trees of the Amazon rain forests produce more than 20% of the oxygen in the
atmosphere, the same area of grassland could not produce nearly as much as this.


45. Dünyanın dönüşü, ekvatorda yaşayanların ağırlığında, İngiltere'dekilere gore % 0, 3'lük bir azalma meydana getirir.


A) Those living at the equator are lighter than those living in England by 0.3% owing to the rotation of
the Earth.

B)The rotation of the Earth produces a 0.3% reduction in weight for those living at the equator
compared to those in England.

C)One effect of the Earth's rotation is to make those living at the equator 0.3% lighter than
those living in England.  :

D)One effect of the Earth's rotation is to make the weight of people increase by 0.3% as they move
from England to the equator.

E)People's weight drops roughly by 0.3% as they move from England to the equator, owing to the
rotation of the Earth.

46. 51. sorularda, bos bırakılan yere, parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

46.The world's oldest cave paintings date back some 35,000 years. They lie buried in the side of a hill close to Verona in north Italy. -?. Now, new archaeological research is also proving that the ancients were adept, not only at the visual arts, but also at the art of sound.

A)Stone Age ears must have appreciated the "echo-chamber" properties of the sites
B)Archaeologists can use acoustics to study ancient sites in the following two ways
C)Similarly, the stones of Stonehenge in the south of England have been found to have sonic qualities
D)They prove that art was already part of the way of life for the early civilizations of the time
E)     Indeed, some of the stalactites in these caves issue bell-like notes when struck

47.The new discipline of ethnoclimatology acknowledges that some folklore is surprisingly good at predicting the weather. ?. For them, if the stars are bright, they look forward to a normal rainy season; if dim, to a late, sparse one.

A)One must remember, however, that weather lore does not travel well
B)In Uganda, increases in overnight temperatures traditionally presage rain two weeks later
C)One famous saying runs: "Red at night, shepherds' delight, red in the morning, shepherds' warning
D)For example, in western India local people use the flowering of a particular tree to predict the start of the monsoon 45 days later
E)For example, in the Andes, potato farmers use the clarity of the Pleiades star cluster in June to predict the timing of the rainy season

48.Cloning could be crucial when a species is threatened with extinction. For instance, a few years ago, the last remaining bucardo mountain -goats in Spain were rounded up for a captive breeding programme. ?. This species is now extinct but could have been saved by the cloning technology we have today.

A)Unfortunately, however, they were wiped out by disease
B)Habitat protection is the cornerstone of conservation
C)Scientists made the world's first healthy clone of an endangered species in 2003
D)Literally a hundred species become extinct every day
E)There are cases in which cloning may prevent extinction

49.Andy Stern runs the largest and fastest-growing labour union in the US. ?. But today you probably do not. For his activities receive almost no coverage in the press.

A)Actually, only 8.2 per cent of the private-sector workforce is still enrolled in unions
B)If this were 25 or 50 or 100 years ago, you would surely know of a labour leader like Stern
C)Unless organized labour's constitution is overhauled the movement will keep on withering
D)Low-wage hospital and clerical workers really do need a union
E)More innovative labour proposals include a global minimum wage

50.Recently a great deal of research has been carried out on the benefits of marriage. On average, married people are healthier and have lower mortality rates than single, divorced or separated people. ?. Moreover, they suffer from less anxiety, depression and other mental ailments. These findings apply to both sexes.

A)Formal marriage usually involves a higher degree of personal commitment
B)This claim is still widely repeated
C)Several research projects show that women also benefit
D)This means that serious violence among married couples is fairly uncommon
E)Their lives are more regular and secure and they engage in fewer harmful activities

51.Contemporary computer systems have both advantages and disadvantages. ?-. But on the debit side, these computer systems create opportunities for the illegal copying of software.

A)Software copying has emerged as a new ethical issue precisely for this reason
B)Rapid technological change means that the choices facing individuals also rapidly change
C)One important advantage is that they enable digital information to be made available to all
D)In this environment it will be important for management to conduct an ethical and social impact analysis of new technologies
E)Software piracy challenges traditional protections of property rights


52. 57. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

52.The son of a friend of yours has come to you to get your opinion on whether it's time to start looking for a new job. You are glad to hear him say this as you think he's wasted in his present position. So you urge him to start looking elsewhere and say:

A)Why not? Every now and again everyone benefits from a change.
B)Do you think he'd listen to you?
C)It's high time you started to think of a change. The present job doesn't offer you anything in the way of a challenge.
D)I'm not sure. Don't get a reputation for changing your job every year or so. Employers want employees who stay.
E)It's not a bad idea! Do you have anything special in mind?

53.A friend has come to your hometown, Bursa, for a couple of days. He phones you in the hope of fixing a meeting. Unfortunately your time is fully booked up. You explain this-and-than so that this won't happen-again, you go on to say:

A)I'm not usually this busy. Perhaps we can manage to meet another time.
B)Well, at least we've been able to talk for a few minutes, and-that's better than nothing.
C)I'm really very sorry about this. How often do you come to Bursa?
D)Next time you plan to come to Bursa be sure to let me know in advance and I'll make quite sure we can meet.
E)John was here last week; also on business. I managed to see him

54.A friend wants you to rent her apartment from her. You don't like the apartment at all but you don't want to offend your friend by saying so. You decide to refuse her offer on the grounds that the apartment is not centrally located, and you say:

A)It's the area that's the problem for us. Getting the children to school every day would be too much of a problem.
B)The apartment is fine. It's light and it's roomy.But it's really not big enough for us.
C)It would be convenient for keeping an eye on mother, but I always feel nervous in a ground floor apartment.
D)It would have been ideal for us. But yesterday we signed the contract for renting an apartment and can't go back on it.
E)Let me see it first, and then we can talk about it.

55.A newly married couple are thinking of emigrating to Canada and have come to you to see if you think it's a good idea or not. You don't want to influence them either way, but you do want them to think about it carefully before deciding; so you say:

A)My advice to you is, quite simply, forget the pros and the cons, and just go.
B)If you have children they'll probably be grateful to you for having the courage to make the break.
C)If you find you don't like it there you can always come back. You have nothing to lose.
D)I imagine the advantages and disadvantages balance each other out. If you are both keen to go, then go.
E)It's a big step to take and the decision must be yours. But do think it over together very carefully before you decide.

56.You are the chairman, but at the meeting you know that the whole of the board will be against you; however, you are determined to have your way in this particular matter. So before objections can be made, you say:

A)I don't want to listen to your objections, but you can make further positive suggestions.
B)I've thought about it and this seems to be the best course to take, don't you agree?
C)We're going through with this. There's nothing more to be said about it.
D)I'm the chairman! Why do you always criticize my plans?
E)There seems to be nothing more to say. Shall we end the meeting?

57.Someone has asked you to tell a younger colleague that he ought to be more careful about his choice of friends and about how he spends his time out of office hours. You regard this as a violation of an individual's rights, and say very firmly:

A)No; certainly not. That would be too much like interfering.
B)That's not an easy thing to tell anyone. I couldn't do it.
C)No, I don't think so. Would it be right?
D)No; I don't believe I could do that. But I'll think about it.
E)Do you really think it's necessary? Moreover, do you think it would do any good?


58. 63. sorularda cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

58. (I) There is no point in pretending to be someone you're not, not even when you're what is called a "paper" wasp. (II) A study at the University of Arizona has shown that these insects are severely punished if they try to mislead others over their social rankings. (III) Actually, their colouring is largely black and yellow. (IV) Scientists used a toothpick and special paint to alter the facial markings of a number of wasps and then analyzed how these "dishonest-insects were treated by their peers. (V) Compared to unaltered wasps, the fakes received far more aggression and harassment.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

59. (I) Proper testing is often sacrificed when new management systems are being developed. (II) The system must respond with 100 per cent accuracy. (III) As a result, expensive and sometimes catastrophic problems may emerge later. (IV) Why, then, is testing so often neglected? (V) One reason is that testing can be both expensive and time-consuming.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

60.(I) X-rays, chemical analysis of paint and close scrutiny by expert eyes are all used to tell art forgeries from the real thing. (II) But now computer scientists at America's Dartmouth College have come up with a digital method for sorting the real from the counterfeit. (III) Drawings or paintings are scanned at high resolution and a computer breaks them down into digital elements called wavelets. (IV) An analysis of Madonna with Child by the Renaissance painter Perugino showed that at least four people had worked on the six faces in the painting. (V) The wavelets are then analyzed statistically to find consistencies or differences.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

61. (I) Lengthy confinement and the isolating sensation of being cut off from Earth could endanger an astronaut's mental stability. (II) In the enclosure of a Mars capsule, feuds, suicide and even murder could occur, which would endanger all aboard. (III) To estimate levels of psychological stress on a Mars mission, Russian space scientists plan to lock six . astronauts in a 4,500-square-foot imitation spacecraft for 500 days, with limited amounts of water, food and oxygen. (IV) They would then be closely monitored as they went about their daily activities. (V) In fact, even healthy individuals make tiny facial movements when they are under stress.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

62.(I)A data warehouse is a database that stores current and historical data. (II) In general, data warehouses not only offer improved information, but they make it easy for decision-makers to obtain it. (III) Although data administration is a very important organizational function, it has proved very challenging to implement. (IV) In fact, they even have the ability to model and remodel data. (V) These systems also enable decision-makers to access data as often as they heed, without affecting the processing performance of the operational systems.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

63.(I)Carrier companies have made great strides in recent years with the introduction of simple package tracking services. (II) Now they are racing to use the World Wide Web to gain market share by providing more sophisticated services for their customers. (III) Their web sites can handle package scheduling and pickup from start to finish. (IV) As a result, use of the World Wide Web has enabled companies to create new business ventures which wouldn't otherwise have been feasible. (V) Anyone in a major metropolitan area with a package to ship can use web sites to check delivery routes, calculate shipping charges, and schedule a pickup.

A) I      B) II       C) III        D) IV       E) V

64. 69. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

64.I don't believe she is particularly clever, but she has a great deal of charm and people tend to do what she wants.

A)Though she really is not very intelligent, she has charm and people are always pleased to accept her leadership.
B)She may not be very bright, I personally don't think she is; but she certainly has a winning way with people so they generally act in the way she wants.
C)Her intelligence is no more than average, but she makes up for this with charm, so she can manipulate people easily.
D)It is as much her charm as her intelligence that enables her to make people act in the way she wants them to.
E)She doesn't need to be intelligent as she has the gift of knowing-how to charm people so that they act in the way she wants.

65.I can't understand why we haven't heard from him yet: he must have received the parcel several days ago.

A)Surely he would have contacted us immediately on receiving the parcel; but it's hardly likely that it hasn't reached him.
B)I'm worried because he still hasn't contacted us could it be that the parcel still hasn't reached him?
C)It's odd that he still hasn't got in touch with us: surely the parcel reached him at least a day or two ago.
D)I was sure he'd get in touch with us about the parcel; could it be that he hasn't received it yet?
E)He really ought to have got in touch with us before this, unless, of course, he still hasn't received the parcel.

66.The last time I talked to him, he told me that the business was doing well; but apparently that's not the case now!

A)When we last met, the business was doing well or so he said; but I fear that is hardly the case any longer.
B)The account he gave of the business the last time we spoke, was a favourable one, but now I'm not too sure,
C)The last time we met he assured me that all was going well with the business, but I don't know what's happening now.
D)When we last spoke he seemed confident that the business was picking up, but obviously it's not doing so now!
E)When we last spoke together, he said the business was doing fine; but now, it seems,' things are rather different.

67.Some scientists think that a meteor impact, that occurred around 65 million years ago, may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

A)In the opinion of some scientists, the extinction of the dinosaurs could have been the result of the impact of a meteor which occurred roughly 65 million years ago.
B)According to some scientists, the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a meteor that struck Earth 657 million or so years ago.
C)Some scientists reckon that the impact of a meteor that struck Earth some 65 million years ago need not have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
D)These scientists agree that the impact of a meteor over 65 million years ago must have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
E)The extinction of the dinosaurs could only have been caused by a meteor impact that occurred some 65 million years ago.

68.The sooner we get the new system into action, the better.

A)Once the new system is working, the situation will improve.
B)We should get the new system working as soon as possible.
C)Sooner or later we'll have to install a new system.
D)At some future date a new system is going to be necessary.
E)We are going to get a new system installed without delay.

69.When he asked which one I wanted, I said I didn't mind.

A)He said I could choose between them, but I said it didn't matter to me.
B)He said I had to choose, but I didn't want to.
C)It was up to me to choose between them, but I really didn't want to.
D)He wanted me to choose for him and I agreed to do so.
E)I would have done the choosing if they had asked me to.

70. 75. sorularda, karsılıklı konusmanın bos bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.

70. Ronnie:
       Someone's got to tell the manager!
       James: -----
       Ronnie :
       I know it's not. But someone has to break the news to him.
       Yes. I'm afraid that's true.

A)Why don't you tell him yourself? You're just as much at fault as I am.
B)I will. He knows it's not my fault.
C)I know. But why me? It's not my fault that the virus got into the computer!
D)But I don't see why it should be me!
E)Let him find out for himself!

71. Jane:
     The sign says "Trespassers will be prosecuted". What does that mean?
     Kenneth :
     It really means keep off this piece of land.
     Jane: -----
     Kenneth :
     Yes, it can. A landowner has the legal right to keep people off his land.

A)But who does the land belong to?
B)Do people take any notice of such an order?
C)Have people the right to put up such notices?
D)But can this order be enforced?
E)Is there ever a court case about it?

72. Andrew:
     Where does the money for the Nobel prizes come from?
     Paul: -----
     That's interesting. And I suppose it means the Nobel prize will continue for ever!
     Let's hope so!

A)I don't know. But there's now a prize for economics.
B)I really don't know. I used to think it was the Swedish National Bank.
C)Do you know, I'd never thought about it!
D)The cash awards are quite high, so it's an interesting question.
E)Mostly from the interest on the Nobel endowment fund.

73. Angela:
     Isn't it possible to use the air-conditioner as a heater?
     It certainly is. Are you feeling cold? Shall I turn it on for you?
     Angela: -----
     The signs and symbols on the remote control device make it easy to turn on.

A)I wish you would. That's if you know how to do so.
B)Yes do. Aren't you feeling cold?
C)Please do. We can turn it off when the central heating comes on.
D)It would be nice. I really am feeling cold.
E)Of course. Now the sun's gone it's getting quite cold.

74. Clare :
     My watch has stopped. Can you change the battery for me?
     Greg :
     I don't think I can. With a small watch like that it's a job for an expert.
     Clare: -----
     Greg :
     No, it isn't. Any shop that sells watches will do the job for you. It only takes a couple of minutes.

A)I'm quite sure you could if you tried.
B)The last time it needed changing my father did it for me.
C)I don't even know if this battery is the right size.
D)Where will I find an expert? It sounds so complicated!
E)I don't think it is. You're making it sound a lot more difficult than it is.

75. Gary:
     By the way, did you watch that film on Napoleon to the end? What happened?
     Mary: -----
     What? But I was enjoying it. I thought a little-known portion of his life had been well-researched and sensitively presented!
     So did I. Until the end of the film!

A)I don't know. I got bored and turned the TV off.
B)Oh! The end was a terrible let down. It turned out that there was no historical basis for anything at all!
C)As you'd expect, it ended with his death; and really, I felt sorry for him.
D)The trouble is I missed the beginning, and that might have helped me understand the end better.
E)Throughout the film, excitement was given preference over historical fact.


76. 80. soruları asağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

For two decades after World War II, mass production reigned supreme. Mass-production techniques pushed companies into standardized products, long product life cycles, and rigid manufacturing, emphasizing efficiency and low cost over flexibility. Special orders cost more. But today's consumers are very choosy. They want quality, value and products specially tailored to their needs, but always at the lowest possible price. For now mass customization has come to the fore. Mass customization uses information technology to produce and deliver products and services designed to fit the specifications of individual customers. Companies can customize products in quantities as small as one with the same speed and low cost as mass-production methods. Mass-customization systems use information taken from the customer to control the flow of goods.

76.We learn from the passage that mass production -- .

A)has now regained its previous popularity
B)was the leading method of production in the twenty years or so that followed World War II
C)can easily be adapted to meet the needs of individual customers
D)can be very profitable because of the wide appeal of its goods
E)gives priority to quality and longevity in the goods produced but ignores aesthetic qualities

77.We learn from the passage that one of the characteristics of mass production is -?.

A)the need to please every customer
B)a disregard for flexibility
C)a disregard for cost-effectiveness
D)to take into consideration the specifications given by individual customers
E)the rescheduling of production as the need arises

78.By the phrase "mass customization", as it is used in the passage, is meant the production of goods ?-.

A)in very large quantities and for general use
B)to meet standardized specifications which will please everyone
C)at high speed regardless of cost
D)designed to have a long life
E)designed to meet the specific needs of individual customers     

79.According to the passage, present-day customers ?-.

A)are encouraged to buy ready-made goods available in the shops
B)are pleased far more easily than customers were in the past
C)do not attach much importance to production methods
D)specify what they want and insist on getting it
E)rarely distinguish between standardized and non-standardized goods

80.The point is made in the passage that mass customization ?-.

A)is no more costly and no more time-consuming than mass production
B)is a system that dates back to the end of World War ll
C)has actually never been as popular as mass production
D)is primarily concerned with efficiency but overlooks quality
E)does not attach much importance to flexibility


81. 85. soruları asağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Before the Polish-born French-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot made his mark on the world, scientists liked to forget about the imperfections and irregularities of nature. The study of perfect squares, triangles and planes had dominated their field for over 2,000 years, since the Greek geometer Euclid wrote maths' oldest treatise "Elements" and provided us with the tools to measure these flawlessly smooth shapes. Early question about how to measure the real shape of a tree, a coastline or anything with a rough edge could not be tackled by Euclidean geometry and had therefore been ignored. But Mandelbrot changed all this when he invented fractal geometry, which enables us to measure roughness. "My whole career has been one long, ardent pursuit of the concept of roughness", he says. "The roughness of clusters in the physics of disorder, of turbulent flows, of exotic noises, of chaotic dynamical systems, of the distribution of galaxies, of coastlines, of stock-price charts and of mathematical constructions."

81.It is clear from the passage that, before Mandelbrot's concepts attracted the attention of the scientific world, ?.

A)mathematics followed the lead of Euclid and concentrated on regular shapes
B)everyone felt that Euclidean geometry was inadequate
C)scientists relied on Euclidean geometry to measure trees and exotic noises
D)Mandelbrot almost lost confidence in the concept of roughness
E)Mandelbrot was careful to limit the scope of his studies into roughness

82.According to the passage, Euclidean geometry can, in a way, be regarded as having had a negative effect upon the development of mathematics because it ?.

A)can be neither substantiated nor disproved
B)is too involved with measurement
C)makes the investigation of roughness impossible
D)is far too comprehensive
E)put forward the concept of roughness

83.It is clear from the passage that Mandelbrot ?.

A)only began to work on the concept of roughness at a later stage in his career
B)finds the concept of roughness immensely exciting, and apparent in widely different areas
C)worked on the concept of roughness because he wanted to prove that Euclid's theories were contradictory
D)didn't discover fractal geometry but worked to extend its uses
E)has still to convince the scientific world of the value of fractal geometry

84.One point made in the passage is that Euclidean geometry ?.

A)has led to a better appreciation of the irregularities in nature
B)has had to be modified in the light of new discoveries
C)has been shown to be invalid
D)is not universally applicable
E)doesn't deserve the respect it has enjoyed for 2,000 years
85.According to the passage, fractal geometry ?.

A)makes possible the measurement of anything with a rough edge
B)is actually, as regards method, very similar to Euclidean geometry
C)is merely an extension of Euclidean geometry
D)is well on the way to replacing Euclidean geometry entirely
E)is just one of several remarkable innovations propounded by Mandelbrot

86. - 90. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Therapists have to be very careful before they make a diagnosis of delusional disorder. A great many complaints are founded on fact. It is possible that a patient is really being harassed at work, that her husband is deceiving her, or that her business partner is cheating her. Indeed, therapists must be careful not to mislabel facts as delusions, a trap known as "the Martha Mitchell effect". Martha Mitchell was the wife of former US attorney general John Mitchell. In October 1972, he was accused of having ordered the break-in at the Democratic campaign headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Mrs Mitchell repeatedly told the press that her husband was being made a scapegoat to protect the real culprit - President Richard M. Nixon. The White House spread disinformation about Mrs Mitchell, saying she had a drinking problem and implying that her statements were delusional. When the scandal was ultimately unravelled, Mrs Mitchell's statements were proved true and she was shown to be utterly sane and with no drinking problem.

86.The passage draws attention to the fact that ?.

A)John Mitchell had indeed violated the law on several occasions
B)it can sometimes be difficult for therapists to distinguish between fact and delusion
C)President Nixon had never trusted his attorney general
D)Mrs Mitchell had always been subject to delusions
E)complaints always have a foundation in fact

87.We understand from the passage that Mrs Mitchell ?.

A)was often treated by therapists on account of her delusions
B)did indeed have a drinking problem
C)was indifferent to the disinformation spread by the White House
D)was unjustly portrayed as suffering from delusions
E)displayed little interest in the Watergate affair

88.We learn from the passage that, in the Watergate affair, US attorney general John Mitchell ?.

A)was criminally involved in the break-in at the Democratic campaign headquarters
B)was made to appear as the leading wrongdoer
C)asked the press to interview his wife
D)advised President Nixon on the legal procedure
E)was anxious that his wife should not get involved with the press

89.According to the passage, Mrs Mitchell's statements about her husband ?.

A)were disregarded by the press
B)were imaginary rather than factual
C)were, in fact, true but deliberately denied
D)convinced President Nixon that his attorney general was innocent
E)were examined by therapists on a regular basis

90.It is clear from the passage that, by "the Martha Mitchell effect" is meant ?.

A)the labelling of facts as delusions
B)Mrs Mitchell's loyal support of her husband
C)the use of a wife's evidence against her husband
D)the unravelling of the Watergate scandal
E)the giving of false testimony at a trial

91 - 95. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Recent activity in several US church communities has seemed almost unbelievable: churchgoers have gathered around huge fires and cheered as they cast Harry Potter books into the flames. They fear that the incredibly popular series about a school for young wizards is spurring children and adolescents toward a life of witchcraft and onto the dangerous path toward Satanism. For these congregations, J.K. Rowling's books are none other than the work of the devil herself. To most people, however, the Harry Potter books and films are merely compelling adventure stories, not a threat to children's psyches. But what has been forgotten in the excitement of "Pottermania" is that boys and girls have been fascinated by magic and sorcery for generations. Surveys about magical practices among adolescents vary widely, but some indicate that as many as 44 per cent have shown some slight, passing interest in it. Although satanically motivated violence occasionally makes headlines, research shows that less than 5 per cent of young people take part in more extensive witchcraft, and very few end up in the kind of organized devil worship that can lead to such acts as ritual murder.

91.The attitude of the writer of the passage towards the burning of the Harry Potter books by various church communities is -?.

A)an understanding one, as many young people have been led astray by these books
B)one of deep anger
C)sympathetic as basically he believes they are right about the ill-effects of the Harry Potter books
D)one of amazement at their response
E)one of repulsion at their hysteria and fanaticism

92.One point emphasized in the passage is that the interest of young people in magic ?.

A)is no more dangerous than their love of adventure
B)needs to be recognized by society and firm action taken
C)really is largely due to the Harry Potter stories
D)is by no means a new development
E)should be encouraged as it is perfectly harmless

93.According to the passage, though a fair number of young people have felt a vague, temporary interest in magic, ?.

A)it has always been easy to convince them of its dangers
B)few have become seriously involved
C)they have never, in any way, been harmed by it
D)most do not even know the meaning of Satanism
E)this never continues into adolescence

94.In the passage, though the writer does not want to make a big issue of the matter of witchcraft, he --.

A)would like more surveys and studies to be carried out on it
B)feels it should receive more public attention
C)admits that it can, on occasion, lead to terrible events
D)hopes that "Pottermania" will soon die out of its own accord
E)believes that all cases of satanically motivated violence should make the headlines and so serve as warnings

95.According to the passage, those who burn the Harry Potter books ?.

A)have previously burned other popular books
B)are actually indulging in a form of witchcraft themselves
C)mostly do so without having first read the books
D)are being accused, quite unfairly, of displaying extremist attitudes
E)do so because they believe these books encourage young people to turn to witchcraft


1- D
2- E
3- A
4- E
5- E
6- C
7- B
8- B
9- D
10- A
11- B
12- C
13- B
14- D
15- A
16- E
17- D
18- C
19- A
20- E
21- D
22- B
23- A
24- B
25- C
26- B
27- B
28- C
29- C
30- D
31- C
32- B
33- A
34- A
35- D

36- E
37- C
38- A
39- E
40- A
41- E
42- A
43- D
44- D
45- B
46- D
47- E
48- A
49- B
50- E
51- C
52- C
53- D
54- A
55- E
56- C
57- A
58- C
59- B
60- D
61- E
62- C
63- D
64- B
65- C
66- E
67- A
68- B
69- A
70- C

71- D
72- E
73- A
74- D
75- B
76- B
77- B
78- E
79- D
80- A
81- A
82- C
83- B
84- D
85- A
86- B
87- D
88- B
89- C
90- A
91- D
92- D
93- B
94- C
95- E


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